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Insights introduces: Ishmael

  • Written byIshmael Lartey
  • Published date 05 November 2018
Portrait of Ishmael Lartey. BA Hons Fine Art. Central Saint Martins. 2016. Photograph: Kalina Pulit
In this episode of Insights introduces, we caught up with fine art student Ishmael to find out more about how he approaches his work.

Being an art student is often about exploring; whether that’s trying out different disciplines or discovering what themes or issues are important to you to address through your work. Ishmael also gives some top tips on sketchbooks and prepare interviews.

Insights introduces: Ishmael

Video: Kalina Pulit

When we first met Ishmael, he described his work as an archive. The film you can see projected in the video is about gentrification in Brixton, an issue that he was keen on exploring.

As Ishmael flicks through his books, talks about his love of experimentation, and use of annotations in his sketchbooks we get to know more and more about Ishmael as a person and what he stands for.

This is arguably what is most important for a young artist looking to study fine art:

My work is like I said, it’s evolving, from sketches and pastels to paint, print etc, etc. So I’m making the transition from paints to digital art.

"...I went from traditional mediums to the unconventional… But in terms of my craft and skill whatever, I kind of used these images to inspire my next piece.”

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