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Sustainable Fashion Design

Sustainability is now becoming part of mainstream fashion and instead of being seen as a challenge for the fashion industry it is being seen as an opportunity. Designers are now able to choose ethical options and make decisions based on their environmental or social impact.  This course provides an overview of these new opportunities for sustainable fashion, and how clothing can be designed with sustainability and ethics in mind. By exploring a wide variety of issues within the existing fashion industry, we look at solutions to the challenges posed by the need to work in a more sustainable way.  The course will be a combination of lectures, group exercises and practical design exercises.

The course includes:

  • Sustainable design concepts
  • The changing role of the designer
  • Sustainable materials
  • The fashion supply chain
  • Lifecycle of a fashion product
  • Case studies of inspiring and successful sustainable fashion initiatives
  • Future trends within sustainable fashion

At the end of the course you will have a thorough and practical understanding of sustainable fashion design and the variety of approaches you could implement, either in industry or in your own practice.