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Professional development at Central Saint Martins

Service Design students working around a desk.

Central Saint Martins is alive with different ways of thinking, making and doing. Our teaching staff develop spaces for the creation of ideas, innovation of materials and building momentum for the actions needed for a better future.

We are world famous for teaching a creative practice that combines the ability to imagine new futures with the means to deliver them. We regularly train future artists and designers to develop/build the skills needed to address our urgent global challenges – from tackling the climate and biodiversity emergencies to forging more equitable societies.

Our Professional Development courses at Central Saint Martins take this same energy and apply it specifically to working professionals.

  • Courses are available as 1, 2 and 3 day intensive courses
  • Are aimed at working professionals
  • Taught at an intermediate and advanced level
  • Designed to inspire
  • Apply the Central Saint Martins methods of teaching to curriculum designed specifically for industry leaders and practitioners
  • Designed to complement the work we do with our Innovation and Business clients and partners

Courses to include elements of the following, as appropriate to the subject

  • Practically taught and structured
  • Messy, with spaces that get your creativity flowing
  • Collaborative and enriching
  • Based around discussions that question industry norms
  • Thought provoking seminars

What we do is always connected to others. Our community goes beyond building, beyond disciplines and beyond borders. From local neighbours to global partners, Central Saint Martins collaborates with others to build knowledge and transform objects, systems and lives for the better. We understand that good things happen when people work together.

At Central Saint Martins, we believe that art, performance and design can generate real, productive change within the creative industries.


Tanicia Payne

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