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Teaching and Learning Fund

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What is the Teaching and Learning Fund?

The fund supports educational enhancement projects that aim to impact on curriculum change at UAL. We want to develop strong micro-cultures of teaching & learning that will have a positive impact on UAL students’ learning, employability and attainment.

We welcome project proposals from individual members of staff, teams of staff and staff working in collaboration with students. Please check the following eligibility criteria:

Staff eligibility

Student eligibility

  • Student applicants must be students at UAL and apply with an eligible member of staff
  • Students must be on an accredited course that leads to a qualification e.g. Foundation Diploma, BA (Hons), PgCert, Masters or PhD.

What kinds of projects are you looking to fund?

We are looking for project proposals that reflect one or more of the following themes:

Decolonising the curriculum

For example, projects in this category might look at:

  • Drawing on the lived experience of students and centre contemporary issues of relevance to your students.
  • Working in partnership with students to develop strategies that draw on multiple perspectives and ways of knowing on a course.

Climate justice in the curriculum

For example, projects in this category might look at:

  • Transforming curriculum to develop students’ climate justice literacy
  • Working to reduce negative impact upon environment in terms of our teaching, learning and assessment processes.

Employability in the curriculum

For example, projects in this category might look at:

  • Embedding of enterprise or entrepreneurship in the curriculum.
  • Supporting the inclusivity of industry engagement within the curriculum.

Funding amounts and timelines

You can bid for one of 10 grants of £2,000 to support you to carry out of an education enhancement project in-year as part of your current role.

For example, funds could be used to pay students to help develop a project, or to support the embedding of an initiative into the curriculum. Funds cannot be used to buy out people's time. Example expenses for your project could be:

  • Bringing in expertise (e.g. guest speakers, ArtsTemps)
  • Materials (e.g. printing costs, making costs)
  • Space and sandwiches (e.g. for a workshop or symposium)
  • Incentives for participants (e.g. if you need people to engage with a focus group)

If your application is successful, £2,000 will be transferred to your College finance team who will be able to support you with processing spend. You will have between February – 31 July 2023 to spend the funds. Rollover of funds to the following financial year will not be possible.

Get advice on your proposal

Applications must be supported by your line manager. We recommend you speak to your College Associate Dean of Learning, Teaching and Enhancement to discuss your proposal before applying.

You can also reach out to your Academic Enhancement College Lead for help with application ideas and support.

Submit your proposal

All applications will be peer reviewed and you’ll receive feedback by the end of January.  If your proposal is accepted, you’ll receive further details about what happens next. If your proposal hasn’t been accepted, we’ll let you know why.

How will my application be assessed?

Each application will be assessed according to the following criteria, with awards being made to those applications that satisfy the criteria to the highest level:

  • The proposal presents a highly relevant and feasible project responding to an issue(s) that connect with at least one of these three themes: decolonising the curriculum, climate justice in the curriculum, and employability in the curriculum.
  • The proposal outlines a clear plan of activity and approach to evaluation.
  • The proposal demonstrates strong potential for ongoing impact on curriculum change.


If you have any further questions about the Teaching and Learning fund please contact

Previous project examples

This fund was suspended during Covid-19 restrictions. You can find a list of 2020's successful bids on the Exchange Blog.