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UAL Diploma in Apple Development: apply for Sept 22

The back of a person's head and hand just visible in the foreground. They are working on a Macbook and a phone and there is a design visible on screen
  • Written byCat Cooper
  • Published date 13 July 2022
The back of a person's head and hand just visible in the foreground. They are working on a Macbook and a phone and there is a design visible on screen
Gabrielle Ngoo working on her laptop and phone on the CCI Diploma © Alys Tomlinson

UAL Creative Computing Institute invites current BA students to apply for a new UAL Diploma in Apple Development, now enrolling for this September. A one-year add-on to existing UAL degrees, the learning programme and qualification is designed by Apple and adapted to the UAL context.

Students who successfully complete the diploma and the final year of their undergraduate degree will graduate with an enhanced degree title i.e. BA Hons, [Degree title] (with Apple Development) and be accredited Apple developers.

The programme is aimed at developing apps for Apple’s innovative and vibrant app ecosystem. It focuses on software development and app design with an emphasis on creativity and collaboration to empower.

Introducing the UAL Apple Diploma

CCI lecturer Joel Gethin Lewis introduces the new Diploma:

Apply! We are going to make a brand new course together as a community. You don't need programming knowledge to apply, only enthusiasm and an interest in making new caring and playful experiences.

— Joel Gethin Lewis, UAL Creative Computing Institute

How did the idea of developing a UAL Diploma in Apple Development emerge?

This diploma emerged out of a unit that I've run on the UAL Diploma in Creative Computing for the past 3 years, all around app development for smartphone platforms. It felt like a natural continuation to expand the unit up to a full diploma, after talking to students who wanted to explore further and deeper.

How does this Diploma differ from the current UAL Diploma in Creative Computing - what makes it unique?

First, it's based exclusively around Apple platforms - mainly concentrating on making apps for the iPhone, but also for other Apple hardware. We are going to be using the open course programming platform Swift to make all the work.

Second, as far as we can tell, this is the first course that combines all of Apple's amazing resources around learning to code with all the critical, creative and caring aspects that we've developed as a group at the Creative Computing Institute since it opened in 2019.

What’s the thing that excites you the most about this new course?

The most exciting thing is seeing students reactions to being able to make an app that sits alongside all the other apps that they have on their home screen. Moving them beyond being consumers of computing technology into a more playful, caring, critical stance that gives them autonomy and sovereignty in the digital world.

How do you see students’ practice expanding after undertaking this Diploma?

I've really been inspired by David Graeber's thinking about play and care being the only sustainable activities that we as humans have discovered: I'm excited to see what kind of playful and caring apps we can create together, another avenue for their existing and evolving practices.

Why do you think it’s important that students gain Apple development skills?

I think it's important that students, particularly UAL students gain experience in making apps directly, using Apple's tools. There are other cross platform software applications for developing on iOS, such as Unity, but nothing compares to using Apple's own tools to make new things. The newest features in machine learning and augmented reality come to Apple development tools first.

Course info and application

Find out more about the UAL Diploma in Apple Development and apply by 19 July.