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Banner with the words Technology and Power
  • Written byCommunications Team
  • Published date14 April 2021
Banner with the words Technology and Power

UAL Creative Computing Institute (CCI) invites you to join them for their 2021 creative learning programme Technology and Power: Rights, Resistance and Reimaginings.

A public seminar followed up with a 4-day practical workshop, the programme will examine human rights in the technology sector and share skills and tactics that people can use to challenge big tech power.

It is curated by Dr Peaks KrafftMA Internet Equalities Course Leader at UAL CCI and organised together with CCI’s Creative Learning Producer Georgina Capdevila Cano, with presentations from an engaging group of early career researchers, artists, advocates, and activists.

Technology & Power: Public seminar

6 and 7 May (1pm-3pm)  
Streaming live on CCI’s YouTube channel
Sign up required – details below

From exploring how power is organised, embedded and shared in internet technologies, this event will discuss tech-related grassroots human rights advocacy campaigns and ideas for brighter technological futures.

The framing and theory provided at this event will be taken further in the following hands-on workshop.

Technology & Power: Rights, Resistance and Reimaginings

A 4-day workshop
Online, 1-4 June (4-7pm)
Limited spaces - Apply by 11 May 

Anyone interested in pursuing technology and activism more closely is invited to apply to take part in this follow-up workshop. It will take participants through critical analysis of subject case studies as well as introduce practical skills for activist  interventions.

If selected for the workshop, you will be asked to commit to either attending the live seminar (above) or watching a recording of it before attending the workshop.

Sign up

We welcome students, artists, practitioners, designers, programmers, activists - and any other curious minds interested in learning more about human rights, internet technology regulations, and alternative techno-futures.

All welcome - anyone can register to the event and apply to take part in the workshop:


Peaks Krafft (they/them) Senior Lecturer and MA Internet MA Internet Equalities Course Leader at UAL Creative Computing Institute. Dr Krafft undertakes critically-oriented computer science research, academic organising, and community organising. @_pmkr

Katherine Ye (they/them), Carnegie Mellon University & Coveillance Collective 
Researcher and critical technologist making computing more expressive and equitable. @hypotext

Micah Epstein (they/them/he/him), Coveillance Collective
Designer, researcher, and storyteller fascinated and a little worried about the urban realm and the increasing pace of technology; seeking to make complicated systems accessible in a variety of medium. Webpage

Matt Mahmoudi (he/him),  Amnesty Tech
Researcher/Adviser at Amnesty Tech and Scholar of Tech & Migration. #BanTheScan @DocMattMoudi

Jennifer Lee (she/her),  
Tech & Liberty Manager at the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington, ACLU-WA  @jennifer_e_lee

Mallika Balakrishnan (she/her), No Tech For Tyrants & University of Cambridge
Researcher and organiser interested in human rights, Latin America, and global justice. #RecruitMeNot @mjbalakrishnan

Jazmin Morris (she/her), UAL
Artist and educator creating digital experiences that highlight issues surrounding gender, race and power; focusing on the complexities within simulating culture and identity. LinkedIn profile

Kira Allmann (she/her), University of Oxford
Postdoctoral researcher working on digital in/equality, digital rights, and community internet networks. @KiraAllmann

Florence Okoye (she/her), AfroFutures_UK
Curator, user experience/service Designer, and comic artist interested in Open Access and mundane intersectional futurist practice @FINOkoye

Yasmine Boudiaf (she/her), Goldsmiths, Ada Lovelace Institute, and The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest
Artist and technologist investigating tech infrastructures, drawing on trans*feminist, queer and anti-colonial perspectives. @YasmineBoudiaf 

Irene Fubara-Manuel (they/them), University of Sussex & Ada Lovelace Institute 
Lecturer, media artist, game designer, and researcher on coloniality, biometric surveillance, migration, race & sexuality, and African digital futures. Web profile