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Join the UAL CCI virtual after school club

Written by Dan Austin
Published date 18 May 2020

UAL Creative Computing Institute (CCI) is collaborating with artists, technologists and current students to provide an online after school club. Expect 3D design, creative coding, machine learning, artist talks and more. All sessions are aimed at young people, families and beginners. Sign up and join online for the weekly free sessions.

Opened in 2019, CCI offers innovative new courses, research opportunities and a public platform to explore computer science and creative practice. The Institute has a declared social mission that is committed to supporting diversity in technology through its core activities of teaching and research. Recent projects include co-designing new ways to do research with Heart n Soul at the Hub at Wellcome Trust and the launch of MA Internet Equalities.

An intro to 3D Modelling & 3D Design

Thursday 21 May, 4- 5pm

A session delivered by creative technologist Jazmin Morris, introducing participants to 3D modelling and block coding. Attendees will be guided through an interactive, follow-along tutorial using open-source software to create fun 3D designs.


In conversation with emerging Artists and Designers

Thursday 28 May, 4-5pm

Current student at CCI Valeria Toro will be delivering an artist talk and facilitating an open discussion with participants. Valeria is a multidisciplinary artist who welcomes emerging technology into her practise. Topics covered will include; How can digital art and code be used as a tool of expression? Will the rise of digital art change the way art is consumed and BAME experience in the creative industry.


3D Modelling; Galleries

Thursday 4 June, 4-5pm

Current Fine Art student at UAL Joseph Losper will be delivering an interactive tutorial on building digital gallery spaces. Joseph will introduce participants to his digital practice and experience building architectural structures in open-source 3D modelling software. Attendees will be guided through the basics of creating 3D digital spaces.


Basic Guide to Speaking to your computer

Thursday 11 June, 4-5pm

Current CCI student Laiqa Mohid will be delivering an introductory session on computational thinking. Participants will learn the basic principles of creative coding with p5.js, including syntax and conditionals.


Building musical instruments with machine learning

Tuesday 16 June, 4-5pm

A session delivered by academic Dr Rebecca Fiebrink based at CCI. Participants will be building new digital musical instruments with machine learning using sound control.


Create your own mouse cursor using p5.js

Thursday 18th June, 4-5pm

Current CCI student Nihal Chadha will be delivering a fun and interactive tutorial using beginner-level coding in p5.js to create mouse cursors! Participants will be invited to follow-along as Nihal takes us through the steps taken to redesign mouse cursors.