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Creative Computing Institute x Institute of Coding courses boost UK learning boom

Student working on their laptop
Student working on their laptop
Student working on their laptop
Written by
University of the Arts London
Published date
30 June 2020

In April we announced our first free, practical short courses from UAL Creative Computing Institute (CCI) and Institute of Coding (IoC) on the FutureLearn platform.

Now we have 8 courses available via FurtureLearn and we're very excited to have registered more than 24,000 learners across these courses in just 3 months.

This surge is part of a wider story of adult learning and upskilling that sees over 400,000 learners enrolled on IoC's partners’ digital skills courses since 2018 – driven by a huge leap of more than 10 times the pre-lockdown level of 32,000 enrolments.

Essential creative technologies

Led by the CCI team, including Professor Mick Grierson, Dr Charlotte Webb and Phoenix Perry, the courses introduce a range of Essential Creative Technologies including accessible interfaces, UX and accessible design, gaming, creative machine learning, creative AI and feminist chatbot design.

Ranging from 2-4 weeks, the courses are free for the duration of 2020 and learners can start them at any time this year.

CCI Research Leader, Mick Grierson:

“Our recent research exploring the creative technologies skills gap shows that there is a great demand for people with skills at the interface between creativity and technology. It’s promising to see a really strong uptake for these courses and the positive feedback from so many learners gaining creative computing knowledge and skills.”

UAL Creative Computing Institute

At UAL Creative Computing Institute, we explore the relationship between cutting edge computer science, the creative economy and the arts.

We want to ask new questions, solve new problems, and develop technologies that accelerate knowledge and innovation across society.

We are creating a new space for students, researchers and practitioners to develop advanced creative computing skills and knowledge.

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