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Fashion Design CSM for 16 to 18 Year Olds Short Course

Course description

This course is for young people who love fashion design and would like to know more! Specifically designed with the beginner in mind the course will guide you through the design process for fashion design. You will work from a set brief through the research process to generate and develop new ideas for fashion: Womenswear, Menswear, Fashion Design with textiles (print or knit), Gender Neutral and beyond.

The course is project-based and encourages the development of ideas, experimentation and creative approaches to fashion design and fashion illustration, which underpin and define the spirit of fashion study at Central Saints Martins.

Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of fashion design study through research, documentation of ideas with sketchbooks, creative fashion illustration, experimentation, development of concepts, 2D to 3D experimentation, design presentation and portfolio preparation and advice for further study at FE or HE level.

The course offers a taster of more advanced university-level modes of study and therefore students are expected to engage in independent learning within their project work.

Course outcomes

  • You should leave the course with more confidence in your research skills for fashion.
  • You will have a portfolio of fashion illustration in several media and your portfolio could be used for future studies.
  • Experience in visual communication for fashion using a variety of different materials and methodologies.
  • You will have developed a better understanding of the design process for fashion.
  • Having enjoyed generating new work and experimenting with research and ideas.
  • The course will give you an overview of what makes studying fashion design at Central Saint Martins so inspiring.

Level: Beginners

Entry requirements: An interest in the creative arts and fashion

Who should take this course?

  • Students interested in exploring and developing personal creativity
  • Students interested in studying at Central Saint Martins at FE or HE level
  • Students interested in learning about fashion
  • Those looking to build a portfolio for further study
  • Students interested in pursuing a career in fashion
  • Enthusiastic students at the start of their creative careers

Please note: This course is for students aged 16 to 18 years old only

Clear, easy to understand lessons:

  • Our tutors will explain things in easy to understand, accessible English. If they need to use any special terminology they will make sure they explain what they mean.
  • New methods will be shown to students through live demonstrations, in a way thats crystal clear and easy to understand.
  • Experience life on campus
  • Network and share ideas with students from across the globe
  • Access the technology and materials relevant to your discipline
  • Shop in our college shops for any materials you might need
  • Ask questions of your tutor in real time
  • Receive feedback and critique on your assignments
  • Experience the many sights of London on your down time

Digital Credentials (badges and certificates)

Students will receive a UAL Short Courses digital badge and certificate on completion of the course. Digital credentials are a great way to celebrate your accomplishments and stand out from the crowd. Find out more about our digital badges and credentials.

Available dates

It can take a few moments for our course dates to load - if there are no available dates, please contact our customer service team who will help you find a course or email you when new dates become available.
Make an enquiry or call us on 0207 514 7015.


This course includes:

  • Experimental idea development for the body
  • Research methodologies and sketchbook techniques for fashion
  • Introduction to CSM library and digital learning resources
  • Introduction to fashion illustration, and live fashion illustration class
  • Experimental collage and juxtaposition techniques
  • Live project brief
  • Consolidation and development of research ideas to inform original ‘mini’ fashion collection
  • Group and peer critiques
  • Individual tutorials
  • Presentation methodologies
  • Portfolio and application advice for further study at HE level within UAL and beyond


Students should bring the following materials to the first session:

  • If possible please bring a camera or camera phone to record the process of making work, and the outcomes. Everything needed to complete the course is provided, but please feel free to bring any current sketchbooks or materials you enjoy using.
  • A selection of magazines (Interior design, home decoration, national geographic, fashion, art or any other image heavy publications). The magazines do not have to be new and will be disassembled and used as creative resources within the course

All other materials and specialist equipment will be provided by the college, including mannequins, individual sketchbooks, textiles and art and design mediums.

Suggested reading list:

  • Davies, H (2013) Fashion Designers Sketchbooks Two. London. Laurence King
  • Davies, H (2013) British Fashion Designers (Mini) London. Laurence King
  • Jenkins Jones,S (2011) Fashion Design (Portfolio), London. Laurence King
  • Leech, R ( 2012) The Fashion Resource Book: Research for Design. London. Thames & Hudson
  • Leech, R ( 2014) The Fashion Resource Book: Men. London. Thames & Hudson

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This course is for young people who love fashion design and would like to know more! Specifically designed with the beginner in mind the course will guide you through the design process for fashion design.

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