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Essential Guide to the Fashion Business Online Short Course

Introduction to the Fashion Industry Online Short Course

Course description

Do you want to learn how to get into the fashion industry? This online course will give you an orientation to all the main stages of the fashion business, from branding and design, through garment manufacturing and the supply chain to the changing face of fashion marketing and retail, equipping you with an excellent industry overview.

You will look at where industry trends come from, how the high street and high end designers manufacture their product, how marketing and PR are crucial elements and the changing world of fashion retailing. In addition, youll explore fashion startups, brand USPs and the role of the fashion journalist.

Through weekly class discussions, set tasks and readings you will develop an understanding and awareness of the state of the industry today and what the future might hold for fashion. This practical course will encourage you to think outside the box and consider creative solutions to problems facing the fashion industry, such as ethical production and issues faced by emerging brands.

This course will give you insight into an industry that can often seem tough to crack, equipping you on your way towards your goals. Whether you dream of starting your own fashion business or of having a career at an established company in the fashion world, this online course is for you.

Course Outcomes:

By the end of the course you will have an understanding of;

  • The roles within the fashion industry at each level
  • What you need to successfully work in fashion
  • Trend forecasting
  • The fashion supply chain
  • Fashion marketing and PR

Who is Introduction to the Fashion Industry (Online Short Course) for?

This course is perfect for anyone who would like to start a business of career in the fashion world. It will give you insight into the many careers available within the fashion industry, so whether your goal is to be a manufacturer, buyer, designer or any of the other various careers that go on in fashion, theres something for you.

All our Online Short Courses include:

  • Live online lessons with the same tutors
  • The same course content and learning outcomes
  • Lesson recordings, for review
  • Access to VLE with course content
  • Forums for support
  • 2 weeks online access
  • Certificate upon completion

Please note that all courses are taught in UK time.

Online courses are closed to all new bookings 48 hours prior to the course starting.

Available dates

Enquire about this course and we will contact you when new dates are published.


Topics covered

  • History of the fashion industry
  • How is fashion created, designed and developed?
  • Who is the consumer? Changing consumer demand
  • The changing world of fashion retailing
  • Trend forecasting
  • Buying, merchandising, and range planning
  • Manufacturing methods and production issues
  • The supply chain – sourcing and manufacturing
  • Sustainability and ethical production
  • Fashion marketing and branding
  • Fashion communications - editorial styling, PR, and journalism
  • A guide to fashion start ups
  • High street and high-end production
  • Careers and business opportunities available in the industry
  • What you need to survive in the industry


In order to fully participate in the practical exercises please have the following materials/equipment for the first class:

  • Notepad and pen

In addition to the materials listed above, you will need:

  • A recent computer with a recent operating system    
  • An up-to-date web browser. (It would be advisable to ensure you have access to two separate web browsers eg Safari and Mozilla Firefox or
  • Google Chrome and Internet Explorer)    
  • Microphone (a headset with microphone/headphones is recommended)    
  • Headphones    
  • Webcam

Finally, a good broadband connection is also recommended. (Mobile data 3G/4G or a mobile dongle might not provide sufficient bandwidth).

Further information on the online learning system requirements

Meet the Tutor:

The online short course will give you insight into how the industry operates. You will learn more about design, manufacturing, retailing, marketing and PR, key players and important case studies.

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