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Short Course

Introduction to Slow Fashion Online Short Course

Central Saint Martins

This online short course is an introduction to slow, sustainable fashion. You'll become familiar with ethical business models, slow-fashion's unique selling points, right through to how to market slow fashion on social media.

Course description

Slow fashion is a reaction against the unethical business practice of the fast, cheap, mass-produced branch of the fashion industry. Slow fashions ethos is based on the sustainable circular idea that rates an environmentally friendly production lifecycle, vintage, on demand, bespoke, high quality and timeless design, repair, up cycling and rental.

This course will examine why slow fashion has become a significant antidote to our addiction to fast fashion and will help you understand more about slow fashion and the rise of conscious consumerism.

The objective is to curate your own unique slow fashion file for potential adaptive application in your own business, as an employee or an individual consumer to ensure you keep pace with the conscious consumer movement driving slow fashions growth.

Who is Introduction to Slow Fashion Online Short Course for?

This course is ideal for students of fashion, or fashion designers, marketers, retailers or entrepreneurs. Anyone who wants to gain a practical understanding of the importance of slow fashion.

All our Online Short Courses include:

  • Live online lessons with the same tutors
  • The same course content and learning outcomes
  • Lesson recordings, for review
  • Access to VLE with course content
  • Forums for support
  • 2 weeks online access
  • Certificate upon completion

Please note that all courses are taught in UK time.

Online courses are closed to all new bookings 48 hours prior to the course starting.

Available dates

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  • Conscious Consumerism – fad or feasible
  • Fast fashion versus slow fashion explored
  • Shopping Slow – can it grow
  • Fashion brand evolution – fake or fortune
  • Vintage versus Preloved - what to collect
  • Upcycling and repurposing – is it fun or facile
  • Rent, Lease, Swap – feasible or flawed
  • Resell market – a fashion archaeologists guide
  • Business value and investment – good or bad
  • Commercial application – who gets it right
  • Image Creation – what is slow fashions USP
  • Route to Market – easy or hard
  • Can Fast Fashion slow down
  • Choose well, buy well – buy less, spend more - is this commercially viable
  • Icons – movers and shakers
  • Wardrobe Edit – trash or stash?
  • Slow Fashion – sustainable or suspicious
  • Circular Fashion – a viable business model or tokenism
  • Social Media and slow fashion – yes or no
  • A picture can say a thousand words – slow fashion as an image


By the end of the course you will have a better understanding of;

  • How to bring slow fashion ethics into your business strategy
  • How to market slow fashion
  • How to navigate Slow fashions’ various guises
  • Conscious Consumerism growing influence globally
  • How slow fashion can be integrated into our everyday lives whatever our background


Online Short Course Materials

To take part in the Online sessions you will need:

  • An up-to-date version of the Google Chrome web browser
  • Microphone and headphones (a headset with a microphone function is recommended)
  • Webcam
  • Strong Internet connection via WiFi or ethernet; 2G, 3G or 4G will not be sufficient

Course Specific Materials

  • Paper and pen to take notes during live sessions

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