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Graphic Design Short Course

Course description

Responding to a variety of projects, you will learn how to produce original, successful design concepts and create work that stands out from the crowd.

Through group and one-to-one discussions, you will receive personal feedback on your projects, which will enable you to self-evaluate and strengthen your expertise. You will refine your design practice further, building confidence in your self-directed approach, whilst responding to a range of design projects with a client focus.

You'll be encouraged to push your concepts further and take risks to develop a personal voice and style.

Computer use is optional on this course. No tuition in software is given; however, you will be advised about graphic design software, and which programs would be appropriate to finalise ideas.

The pace and workload will require commitment. To receive the maximum benefit from the course, where possible, students should allow time to work on their projects between classes.

Students may wish to repeat this course, where new project briefs will be provided, or progress onto Graphic Design Short Course: Experience Industry.

Course outcomes
You will be more confident about responding to client design briefs and will have improved your decision-making process. You will feel more confident in generating ideas and producing a strong design concept. You will leave with artwork for a full colour poster and a body of design work that can be used towards a portfolio.

Who should attend
This course is suitable for those with a curiosity to learn more about graphic design and graphic arts, whether you are looking for a career change or considering applying to further study in Graphic Design or Advertising. Students should be comfortable working independently and using their initiative to develop their practice. Students may wish to repeat this course with the opportunity to work on a personal concept or receive new project briefs to challenge further development.


Clear, easy to understand lessons:

  • Our tutors will explain things in easy to understand, accessible English. If they need to use any special terminology they will make sure they explain what they mean.
  • New methods will be shown to students through live demonstrations, in a way thats crystal clear and easy to understand.
  • Experience life on campus
  • Network and share ideas with students from across the globe
  • Access the technology and materials relevant to your discipline
  • Shop in our college shops for any materials you might need
  • Ask questions of your tutor in real time
  • Receive feedback and critique on your assignments
  • Experience the many sights of London on your down time

A certificate of completion:

  • You've put the work in so we want to make sure you have something to show for it!
  • As long as you attend a minimum of 80% of your classes, we will provide you with a certificate of attendance.
  • We always recommend you attend all of the classes so that you get the most out of the experience!
  • Certificates are great to compliment your cv.

Available dates

Enquire about this course and we will contact you when new dates are published.


Topics covered

  • Typography
  • Branding
  • Publishing
  • Advertising
  • Concept Development
  • Use of Colour and Type
  • Logo Design
  • Layout
  • Image Editing
  • Presentation


Please bring along:

  • Sketchbook or notebook
  • A few sheets of white A3 & A4 paper
  • A selection of coloured papers you like (A4 or smaller is OK)
  • A cheap A4 pad of tracing paper
  • Basic drawing equipment: a selection of pencils and coloured mark making materials & eraser
  • Scalpel/scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pritt Stick
  • Camera phone or camera
  • If possible to bring a laptop this is advisable (not needed for day 1)

We will continue to use this selection of materials throughout the week -
Access to basic printing facilities at home is a bonus, but not essential.

Meet the Tutor:

Graphic Design provides you with the perfect working environment and opportunity to develop your creative practice, independently, under the guidance of a professional designer.

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