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Thomas De Lacey: PG Cert Fashion: Buying and Merchandising

Photography by Alys Tomlinson.
Written by
Content Team
Published date
10 February 2020

With an undergraduate degree in Economics and Business, Thomas first discovered fashion merchandising while working as a sales associate for Burberry. Now studying for the PG Cert Fashion: Buying and Merchandising at London College of Fashion, he’s preparing for the next stage in his career.

“I’ve always had a passion for the fashion industry, and working in retail at Burberry really expanded my knowledge of what jobs are out there. It led to me doing work experience in different areas at Burberry’s head office, where I discovered buying and merchandising.

I loved merchandising as I really enjoy mathematics, analysing data and financial tasks, while still being within the bounds of the fashion world. One of the head buyers gave me advice to take the course at UAL so I could develop the skills I needed to be able to start in an entry level position.

My course has been incredibly intensive and everything that we are learning is preparing us for the jobs we want to apply for.

I’ve met alumni from my course who have all said how much it helped them prepare for their careers, so it’s exciting to know the knowledge will be useful for my future job. The fact that the staff on the course have come from the industry we’re trying to pursue also adds value to what they are teaching us.

Moodboards and other work by Thomas.
Photography by Alys Tomlinson.

I spend a lot of time in the library. Being a UAL student is all about having the motivation to work hard and apply what you learn to your work outside of classes. You have to be driven to succeed, but it prepares you well for the reality of the world of work!

Before I started my course, I expected that it would involve a lot of studying. I only work at Burberry on the weekends now, instead of full time, so that it doesn’t interfere with my studies - it’s all about finding the balance that’s right for you.

“London can be difficult at first. The city is very fast and everyone moves quickly, but it’s also what makes it such an inspiring place to study!”

I’ve always lived in London and it’s my favourite place to be. My course is based near Oxford Street and there’s so many things to do – shopping, museums, restaurants. It’s a nice area to experience the best of the city.

London is also brilliant because of how open everyone is and accepting of all people, and that’s what I love. Every race, gender and sexuality is accepted and you’re free to be the person you want to be.”