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Rochelle Saunders: MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise

Rochelle Saunders working on her laptop with a stack of books.
Rochelle Saunders working on her laptop with a stack of books.
Photography by Alys Tomlinson.
Written by
Content Team
Published date
20 February 2020

The freedom to study part-time was key in making postgraduate study an affordable option for Rochelle. She talks about why the MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise course at Central Saint Martins suited her needs so well and explains why distance learning doesn't have to mean missing out on the university experience.

"Before joining UAL in 2017, I had a range of professional experience in cultural production, education and social justice work. My undergraduate degree was in politics, and during this I built up a particular academic interest in political philosophy and comparative politics.

I decided to enroll on the MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise course because I was keen to explore an entrepreneurial endeavor that could weave together my interest in the arts and activism. I wanted to learn more about best practices and the industry as a whole, while also learning from an extended network of peers who are all experts in their own fields.

“My course has been invaluable in shaping what I want to do for my future career. It’s given me the structure I needed to explore new ideas.”

The freedom of the course allows you to interpret what Arts and Cultural Enterprise means to you, which means you can draw from a wide pool of your current interests. The final project does require sustained attention to one piece of work, but this is hugely rewarding. I'm really enjoying writing my dissertation, and digging so deep into a specific subject has opened doors for future projects and collaborations.


“The highlights of being a postgraduate student at UAL? The access to industry experts and feeling like you are part of the future of the cultural and creative industries.”

During my MA I was the recipient of a UAL SEED fund and I’ve used this to kick-start a social project. It’s called Other Narratives and seeks to connect artists, activists and communities through an online platform. I feel it would have been difficult for me to have gone through a similar funding application process without the knowledge I gained on the course.

I’m a remote part-time student, so there’s no such thing as a typical day for me! Our course is primarily taught online with intensive weekends every couple of months. This freedom and flexibility has allowed me to work alongside my degree, but it’s also been fantastic to be able to come into university to immerse myself in the student experience and feel connected to this side of my life.”