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Anisha Kohli: Level 3 International: Introduction to the Study of Fashion

London College of Fashion Exhibition at Victoria House London
Written by
Charlotte Nixon
Published date
14 April 2021

Anisha decided to move to London from India to study the one-year pre-degree Level 3 International: Introduction to the Study of Fashion to develop her skills and help her decide what she wants to study at undergraduate level. She explains why she decided to move to London, how she’s found studying a practical course during the Coronavirus pandemic, and lets us know what she’s hoping to study for her BA course.

Find out more about studying at UAL as an Indian student.

Image of Anisha Kohli

Can you tell us about your decision to join the Level 3 International: Introduction to the Study of Fashion (IISF) course at UAL?

I wanted to join the IISF because I wanted to be clearer about the pathway I want to do for my BA course.

For students who are interested in the fashion industry but want to test the waters and need time to decide which undergraduate degree to choose, this course offers a lot and is so helpful. The course comprises fashion business, fashion media and communication, and fashion design. It gives insight into all the fields for you to figure out what you really love doing.

I have learned so much from this course and my experience at UAL has been very growing so far. My final choice for a BA course has changed from the one I had in my mind before starting this course. I am now hoping to study fashion design and development.

The environment is very open and friendly and the fact I love about UAL is the importance it gives to the mental as well as social well-being of a student.

I’ve learned a lot of new techniques and I hope on learning more and having more fun.

What has been your favourite part of the course so far?

My favourite part of the course so far has been recreating the paintings of an artist and making a design line up with garments inspired by the work of my artist.

I visited so many galleries and museums for this task and drew around the paintings I loved roughly. Being an artsy person, when I sketch the whole world around me disappears, it’s just me and my pencil with the diary.

As a student from India, what do you find the most different about studying in the UK?

Being a student from India, my education until joining UAL had been more on the theoretical side than the practical side. I love how it’s more about being practical and creating stuff here.

Anisha's fashion design illustrations

Why did you want to study in London, and at UAL specifically?

I wanted to study at UAL due to the vast number of courses the university has to offer with its immensely high popularity. I personally connected more with UAL than any other university.

Also, I love the way London is so acceptable and open-minded, where people are rewarded for their efforts notwithstanding their race, colour, caste or creed. Something about London is so mesmerising, it’s hard to explain really.

When I came to London all alone, I was worried that I would be by myself and talk to no one, just because I was too scared of being judged due to my nationality or my colour. But London hugged me with open arms. I fell in love with the streets and the architecture - the modesty and mannerism are beautiful.

I have also found some of the best people I have met in my life so far and had the most amazing experiences. it’s incredible how everything turned out!!

Due to the current pandemic, you’ve experienced a different way of blended learning. How have you found this?

I arrived in London in September so I attended a few classes on campus during the month of October. When the classes were shifted to being held online, I wasn’t sure if I could adjust to this pattern but slowly got used to it and started working through it.

My tutors try to make the online sessions very active, interesting and fun.

Can you tell us a bit about your application process?

I heard about the UAL interviews through the official representatives in India. I then went for an in-person interview with a delegate from UAL.

Do you have any advice for prospective students putting together a portfolio for their application?

Quality before quantity with personal uniqueness.

I was super excited yet worried before my interview because I had not a clue in the world what would happen. I was overthinking and worried that I didn't have enough pieces and that I might not be as good as others because I never took any professional help.

But the UAL academic told me that she chose me because of my uniqueness, because of the personal touch and style I had in my pieces.

Try not to worry about anything and just do your best. Focus on your work and make sure you are satisfied with it, I’m sure everything will turn out just fine!