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ZAM ZAM chapter four: A multi-national art team based at the HURRICANE ZONE

Published date
11 May 2018
Postgraduate Community
An exhibition curated by MA Culture, Criticism and Curation graduate, Marisol Rodríguez.

Trace a line from here to the other side of the ATLANTIC and you will find yourself in the HURRICANE ZONE: the YUCATÁN peninsula, CENTRAL AMERICA and the CARIBBEAN. The first event to define the HZ’s current character was the abrupt invasion of Spanish colonialism over 500 years ago, after which the region has survived the relentless slash of British, French, Dutch and most recently North American hurricanes.

This intricate environment is a snapshot of daily life in the HZ as perceived by MID51. The everyday objects confined in a building symbolic of aged cultural identity reveal the team’s sense of their region’s residual coloniality. Stemming from the fact that all natural hurricanes are dispatched from these very coasts, ZAM ZAM chapter four is an un altered, critical take of both their local and the senegalese contexts.

As an imprint set in sand, our presence in DAKAR is ephemeral. therefore, we have chosen to respect these walls, occupying a space simply and briefly with ideas and sounds tracing back our joint history.

[MID51] an artist approach to social + cultural collaborations involves writers + scientists + musicians + workers of all trades + visual artists. this multi-national art team based at the HURRICANE ZONE, presently produces: the 10 books of THE CONTAINER COLLECTION + the 100 films of the FLIP COIN VIDEO project + the 6 chapters of the ZAM ZAM project.