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Opportunity: Viva La Vulva Fashion Bursary

woman in pink chiffon layered dress
woman in pink chiffon layered dress
credit: creative agency AMV BBDO
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Post-Grad Community
Published date
17 September 2019
woman in pink chiffon layered dress
credit: creative agency AMV BBDO


Creative agency AMV BBDO are working with Bodyform, one of the UK’s leading Femcare brands, to break the taboos that silence and shame women, to destigmatise periods and women’s bodies.

Some of our recent work includes Blood Normal and Viva La Vulva.

Their invitation

One of the things we discovered during these campaigns is that there is an increasing trend in women and girls – even those as young as nine - believing there is one perfect vulva and that theirs needs to be ‘fixed’ via labiaplasty to create a ‘designer vagina’.

We want to address this, and so we are launching a fashion bursary - the Designer Vagina bursary looking to create a joyful showcase of innovative, attention grabbing and beautiful vulva garments, so that when women search for ‘designer vagina’, they will find a celebration of amazing, diverse vulvas instead.

Call to action

Design a garment or item inspired by our Viva La Vulva film that breaks the taboos around the vulva and subverts the idea of a ‘Designer Vagina’.

What we are after

‘Designer Vagina’ is the common term used to describe labiaplasty, a form of plastic surgery becoming more prevalent amongst young women insecure about the look of their vulva and vagina.

We are going to fight this growing problem head on, by getting your help to repurpose the term.

We want the term ‘designer vagina’ to no longer mean vulva cosmetic surgery, but instead mean vulva confidence and diversity.

That is why we are commissioning five (5) designers to turn the idea of a Designer Vagina on its head and design and create a real designer vagina / vulva to end the era of shame. Although you will be making this on behalf of a brand, these garments/items will be pieces of culture that positively depict the diversity of a vulva.

Crucially, these commissions will be in the form of bursaries awarded to new and emerging fashion talent, judged by industry leaders.

The selected ideas will be awarded a bursary of £2,000 to bring their creations to life.

We will showcase the winning designs, and create content featuring these garments that will run across our platforms.

It is important to note this is open to all people, regardless of your gender or what gender you identify with.

Viva la Vulva Gallery


What’s the perfect vulva?... Something that’s anything but theirs, according to almost half of women (44%), who admit they feel embarrassed by their vulva.

Why?... Because of the toxic cocktail of historical prudery around women’s genitals and the recent explosion of porn – two extreme yet complementary sides of a taboo, pressuring women to believe their genitals should look a certain way.

As a result, many women ignore what normal looks like (7/10), demand a ‘designer vagina’ (labiaplasty is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the world), and millions avoid cervical cancer tests over embarrassment, putting their health at stake.

In 2019, Bodyform (a UK period protection and intimate care brand) decided to put an end to the era of vulva shaming and developed a campaign called Viva La Vulva, which intends to foster a more open culture where women can feel proud of what they have.

Because if we can’t have a positive, unashamed relationship with the most intimate part of our body, we can’t have a positive relationship with ourselves.

Above: 'Viva La Vulva' Film courtesy of Bodyform

Creative Direction

Your idea can be in any form (t-shirt, skirt, dress, jacket, trousers, headwear, shoes, bag etc) and in any style, any fabric*, colours and patterns, something that celebrates vulva diversity to end the shame around the appearance the need for a ‘Designer Vagina’ – we are looking for something that is unique, exciting and impactful.

Your pitch can include the design, visual references, ideas on the kinds of fabrics you would use and anything else that shows how you want to depict vulvas in a positive, normal way. It can be funny, it can be poignant, it can be outraged, it can be badass, the vulva can be incidental, it can be anything as long as we are pushing back the taboos and shame around the vulva.

Remember, this campaign is all about vulva diversity. So designs which acknowledge various skin colours will be particularly embraced by the judges.

Key information


Deadline for submissions is 10 November 2019, please email them to

Winners announced on 2 December 2019, with £2,000 fund to produce their garment

Garment production period is December 2019 to January 2020

Deadline for finished garment is 31 January 2020

You’ll also find here the terms and conditions