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Hollow Chambers: Open Call

Hollow Chambers
Hollow Chambers
Hollow Chambers
Written by
Silvia De Giorgi
Published date
23 January 2019

Calling postgraduate students across UAL to take part in a collaborate exhibition at the Crypt Gallery, London.

Hollow Chambers will be an exhibition of interdisciplinary and innovative works relating to ideas and notions around “caves”

Deadline for submissions: 10 February 2019


Caves have been and still are intriguing spaces, for science, literature and art.

For the scope of this exhibition, the “cave” (in the broadest sense of the term) is envisioned as a liminal space where different disciplines interlink and feed into each other

Students are invited to submit work which might relate to:

* the anthropology, art history, science of “real” caves
* working in dark / enclosed / silent / secluded spaces
* partcular landscapes or environments reminiscent/connected to caves
* the metaphorical or symbolical meanings attached to the idea of a “cave”
* personal visions / dreams / memories in any way related to a “cave”

The scope of this exhibition is to form a dialogue around the perceptions of ecology, human responses to new or unexplored surroundings, learning through the senses and embodied experiences, and the role of art and creativity in the process of shaping and understanding the environments we live in.

A black and white graphic image of an abstract cave

Submission Requirements

* 2 or 3 JPEGs (scans or photos of your work), max 2MB
* 150 - 300 words about your proposed work, how it relates to the exhibition theme and how you envisage installation
* please label your submissions with your name and include artwork details (size, medium, year)
* please email your submission to:

Students are welcome to submit finished pieces as well as work in progress, to be completed before the exhibiton.

We are looking to show works in a variety of media including sculpture, photography, painting, textiles, moving image.
Considering the subject of the exhibiton, we are especially interested in projecton, installaton and site-specifc works which relate to the particular architecture of the Crypt Gallery.

The Crypt Gallery is situated in Euston Road, London, NW1 2BA
Submission Deadline: Sunday 10 February 2019

Work Drop of/Installaton: Monday 4 March 2019 or by arrangement
Preview: Tuesday 5 March 2019 6-9pm
Artist Talk: Friday 8 March 2019 4.30-6pm
Exhibiton: 6 – 10 March 2019
Email submission and inquiries to:

This is a cross-college postgraduate exhibiton curated by a team of postgraduate students from CCW.

Image credit: Jeremy Ip, I heard there is a party, (2018), digital photograph