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Fashion Revolution Week 2019 : finding new alternatives for the fashion industry

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Post-Grad Community
Published date
15 May 2019

Deborah De Mello, Post Grad Community Ambassador studying MA Fashion Futures at LCF, reports back on Fashion Revolution Week at UAL.

Fashion Revolution Week is a series of events that take place worldwide in order to promote a more transparent and ethical fashion industry. Fashion Revolution started after the Rana Plaza accident in 2013 and every year, more and more people are joining the movement.

This year, the Post Grad Community decided to join it as well, and we hosted, along with five MA students from UAL, three events to promote better practices in fashion.

One of the events organized was an Open Pitch, which took place at LCF, and it was an opportunity for UAL students to pitch their ideas to a panel of industry experts. Before the event even started, the panel and the attendees were already having very interesting discussions about the fashion industry, and you could feel the positive energy on the room.

We started the night by presenting the panel, which consisted of a co-founder of a sustainable accessories brand; a sustainable fashion activist; and two alumni from the MA Fashion Futures that have just won the LCF SET Challenge and are on their way to open their business.

After the panel was introduced, two students had the chance to pitch their ideas to the panel. We were all very excited with their business proposals, and the students also had the opportunity to receive very good feedback, and guidance towards how to make their ideas come true.

Once the presentations were finished, we all stayed over to keep having conversations about the future of fashion and how to improve it. It was a very inspiring night. Going to events like this, and meeting people that are just as passionate as me about changing fashion always makes me feel more hopeful. And I believe that everyone that attended the event felt the same way.

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