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Open Call: MA students to assist with HOLES exhibition

HOLES Exhibition poster image
HOLES Exhibition poster image

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Post-Grad Community
Published date
01 October 2019

Opening on the 29 October 2019, HOLES is the first major solo exhibition by CCW PhD student Remi Rana Allen.

Open Call for MA student assistance with the production, install and documentation of the show.

About Remi Rana Allen

“My practice mirrors the slow dilution of my cultural heritage as it seeps further from my grasp. ‘I think in English, I appear Indian’ becomes a mantra.” (Rana-Allen 2017)

My research investigates the construction of identity, specifically the British-Indian, identity. Motherhood, the British-Indian cultural identity and the suspension of personal identity are the three entwined ideas that together become the constant thread within the research.

Earlier research identified the dichotomy between lived experience and embodiment. My identity and that of my sons has evolved to formulate a hybrid of Asian/British identity. My practice questions my Asian heritage through British eyes. It is with this in mind that as an insider to the Asian culture I can interpret its coded behaviour relatable to all, both eastern and western.

My art describes the British-Asian female identity through biology (the external appearance of the Indian female as perceived by white society), construct (the influences on the upbringing of the female) and ideology (the lived experience and aspirations of the female). This is informed by the context of my personal life experiences as the British Indian woman (not bi-racial), who has an Indian body (biology) a western mind (construct), constantly reminded that I am not ‘white’ (ideology).

The perception of this ‘Indian body’ is explored through both practice and theory. In my exhibition HOLES, I reveal through the journey of this practice-based PhD my personal experience of sexuality, femininity, womanhood, motherhood as artist and researcher, by embodying being Indian and British but never English.

Brown Leaders and Makers Exist!

Find out more about the exhibition

Open Call

Remi is looking for MA students at UAL to work with her on the exhibition installation, management and documentation.  If you are a photographer, Documentary film maker, curator or just interested in her practice around identity and feminism then please do get in touch!  Email for more details