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Postgraduate Community
Published date
20 November 2018
Words by Tere Chadwick, MA Art and Science, CSM

Most of Latin American countries are celebrating 2 centuries of independence from the old continent, hence why Museums and Galleries keep on with Eurocentric curations? If there has been an intermingling, why ethnical art is still dissociated from western expressions? In a world of such instability who determines which is the north? This were some of the questions which guided the discussions of the first year of the Latinos Creative Society from the University of the Arts London. A year that through diverse activities such as a panel discussion, a donation of books for UAL’s Library collection, poetry reading, manifesto declaration, talk and exhibition at the Crypt Gallery in Euston sponsored by the EXTRA funding from the PG Community, attempted to decolonise the curriculum.

Nevertheless, this society has transcended London through Neo Norte (New North), an exhibition curated by Tere Chad (Alumni MA Arts & Science CSM) held in August at Fundación Cultural de Providencia in Santiago, Chile. The spaces where distributed in four topics: Migration processes as creative destructions, the encounter of the natural vs. the digital materiality, cultural syncretism and shamanic practices from pre-Columbian tribes and European medieval beliefs. This challenging proposal for Santiago’s art scene, managed to be one of the most visited exhibitions of the year at Fundación Cultural de Providencia.

During the exhibition the curator organised some guided visits with the local community, a collage workshop with children from a school where she invited them to make the Neo Norte (New North) from Latin America and a panel with Chilean Academics to debate upon why Museums prioritise Eurocentric curations.

Usually shows are validated in the north and then travel to Latin America, but now after a successful show, the collective is looking forward to defy the establishment doing it the other way around: present a show that was first validated in the South at the North in the Old Continent.

The Latinos Creatives Society is currently lead by Isaac de Reza, Victoria Maldonado and Kate Bautista, who will organising plenty of activities this new academic year.

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Neo Norte has included the artworks of an international group of artists: Balint Alovits (Student MA Contemporary Photography CSM), Cathy Mou (Student BA Fine Arts CSM), César Baracca (Alumni BA Fine Arts Rosario National University, Argentina), Gordon Berger (Alumni BA Fine Arts CSM), Hebe Wang (Student BA Fine Arts CSM), Isaac de Reza (Student BA Fine Arts CSM), Javier Neira (Autodidact Chilean Ceramist), Juan Covelli (Alumni MA Contemporary Photography CSM), Matteo Valerio (Alumni MA Fine Arts CSM), Nicolás Canal (Alumni BA Fine Arts CSM), Paula Turmina (Alumni BA Painting Wimbledon College of Arts), Pierre – Antoine Martin (Alumni MA Fine Arts CSM), Roberta Bacic (CAIN Conflict Archive on the Internet supported by Ulster University Northern Irland), Sofía Donovan (Argentinian Artist) and Susana Uvidia (Alumni MA Fine Arts CSM). The exhibition also displayed a video with documentation of the Latinos Creative Society showcasing works of: Rafael Morales (Alumni MA Book Art Camberwell College of Arts), Katherine Bautista (Student London College of Fashion), Victoria Maldonado (Student London College of Fashion), Sofía Rubio (Student London College of Communication) Yolanda Santa María (Design Student CSM), Katharina Botelho (Performance and Costume), Raúl Valdivia (PHD Student Birkbeck, University of London) among others.