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Marco Pantaleoni is announced as the 2017 AER Resident at Domaine de Boisbuchet this Summer

Written by Postgraduate Community
Published date 03 May 2017

photo credit: Olivares Willenz, Domaine de Boisbuchet



The Art for the Environment International Artist Residency Programme (AER) was launched in 2015 by member of the UAL Research Centre for Sustainable Fashion and UAL Chair of Art and the Environment Professor Lucy Orta and coordinated by CSF Associate Curator Camilla Palestra.

We can announce that Marco Pantaleoni – Current MA Fine Art student at Central Saint Martins has been selected for the AER 2017: Domaine de Boisbuchet opportunity.

This year for the first time, the AER programme includes an opportunity for a postgraduate student to take part in 2 week long workshops at Domaine de Boisbuchet in South-West France.

Boibuchet integrates innovative architecture and design into the splendid setting of a 19th century French country estate, offering a unique creative and collaborative environment for people of all cultures to share.

Marco Pantaleoni is a self-proclaimed visual artist and architect, interested in man and his relationship with the environment that he traverses, that he lives and perceives. Marco’s artistic approach tries to explore how art influences the quality of the lived spaces, the behaviour of the users as a single entity and their interaction as a community.

His practice believes in the evolution of the “urban scale” and the shift from the traditional idea of the monument to a work more related to the contextual meaning, which seeks to link art, cultural and environmental transformations, to meet the needs of the present evoking a sense of sharing, a growth and sustainable development in the transformation processes.

Marco’s aim is to produce works that stimulate the perception of the lived environment and the consciousness of its nature, trying to stimulate an active interplay between the observers and the artwork within its context, with which it creates a dialogue.

Marco’s successful application:

Here is Marco’s successful application to the workshop based residency at Domaine de Boisbuchet:

WORKSHOP: Inside Outside (Petra Blaisse) – “Address the Site!”

Leaves of transparency…

Petra Blaisse/Inside Outside (NL), ‘Address the Site’ Workshop #Textiles #OutdoorInstallation

Having an architectural background, I have learned how to design physical spaces and objects within them.

However, during my practice as architect I have recognized the limits of the static nature and non-deformability of these elements and I have ascertained that creating beautiful objects in the space doesn’t necessarily mean improving the quality of that space.

During this workshop, I would like to investigate how the environment needs to model and transform itself in relation with the needs of the users, the way they behave within the space.

I am interested in investigating what are the elements within Boisbuchet’s estate that enable art and architecture to be an active interpretation of the landscape, rather than just decoration of it.

My aim is to analyse the environmental context of the estate and to define some filters (physical or optical), interplays of layers of different sustainable materials (fabric, wood, vapour maybe?) objects or colourful shapes that “confuse” the perception of the internal and external spaces; I would like to give the observers the freedom of interpreting the environment according to their mood, their fantasies and their feelings.

To me, art is what you imagine it was, what you dream it is, what it could become. It creates itself differently when perceiving through the eye of different individuals. Not everyone thinks the same, likes or dislikes in the same manner. Art is the union of elements that constitute the artwork itself and the perception of the person delineating it.

I find this dialogue very fascinating and stimulating and I am interested in the potential synergy between environment and people and how different people interpret that space and interact within it.

This would hopefully result in my rethinking and destabilizing the architectural space and the environment, reassembling it into a new perspective, through a multidisciplinary approach that can make an impact on how we interact with the environment and each other.

WORKSHOP Drift – “Electro Nature”

The imperfection of nature…

Drift (NL), ‘Electro Nature’ Workshop #Installation #Technology

Part of my artistic research involves technology and new media, as strategic forms of communication, interaction and comprehension of the space and the environment.

I am interested in the way technology influences our perception, investigating how it interprets the reality, bringing into conversation opposing forces and challenging the boundaries between them: real and artificial, perfection and imperfection, man and nature.

Using a motion sensing capture as 3D scanner and digital 3D modelling to render human forms, I like to express the surprising mystery of the digital uncanny, capturing qualities often hidden or unseen by the human eye.

Distortions, errors and glitches reveal the imperfection of the surface, but still let the intimate essence of the character and the nature be expressed.

During this workshop, I would like to challenge technology to reveal its interpretation of natural elements that I might find in the Boisbuchet’s estate, analysing the data that the computer would generate, and more interestingly to study the level of misinterpretation and errors that would happen along the process.

By creating 3D models that can be later built in the workshop, I would like to create a “distorted copy” of the nature.

My aim is to explore the relationship between technology and nature, to reveal how external environments and landscapes are experienced and perceived and more importantly to develop a deeper understanding of how machines can reveal aspects of a productive dialogue within the context of environmental sustainability.


I believe at Domaine de Boisbuchet I would gain the benefits of being in an international environment with experienced and heterogeneous people with whom I can share ideas, whom I can inspire and be inspired by.

I will bring on board the skills gathered from my experience, creativity, an eagerness to develop, lots of hard work and plenty of enthusiasm and I will take every opportunity to develop and learn with the same enthusiasm as I approach all areas of my life.

As part of the AER Residency agreement, Marco Pantaleoni will be writing a report upon completion of his time at Domaine de Boisbuchet which will be published on this blog site.

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