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Little Bird: Screening and Director’s call for collaboration

a film screen shot of a little girl looking to the side
a film screen shot of a little girl looking to the side
Little Bird Film credit Lois Bentley,
| Photograph: Lois Bentley
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Post-Grad Community
Published date
04 July 2019
a film screen shot of a little girl looking to the side

Little Bird: Screening and Director’s call for collaboration

Come and watch Little Bird film, a 10 minute Film Short. European initiative Open to all. Opportunity for different post-grad disciplines to collaborate.

Festival Screening: 10 July 2019 (7-10pm) part of Open Mouth at Horse and Stables, 122-124 Westminster Bridge Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7RW

Little Bird is Co-Directed by: Daniel L. Martin and Lois Bentley

Lois Bentley, a recent graduate of MA Art and Science, is keen to show the story so far, and spark a collaboration for this film's final edit, and future film shorts, with post-grads from the following courses:

  • MA Acting,
  • MA Character Animation,
  • MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • MA Design for Art Direction,
  • MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography,
  • MA Documentary Film
  • MA Screenwriting,
  • MA Data Journalism S2V,
  • MA Service Experience Design and Innovation,
  • MA Visual Arts: Book Art,
  • MA Interior and Spatial Design

Little Bird opens with a rich and subtle piece of social history. There was no National Health Service (NHS), no safety net. We used to know that “we need to sort it”. Deep within our everyday living we learned to rely on each other.

In the film we see that medical training brings experts into our lives. They stand or fall by adopting the latest medical science. We welcome technical expertise, but is something important being dismissed?

Our film will expose and explore these patterns of thinking. Our audience can enjoy the inter-play across three diverse generations.

In its current form, the film still needs input to shape and finish it. Lois has a heart for bringing the patient voice through film, performance and data analysis.

INTERESTED?: In July there will be a follow up screening, Q&A and opportunity to work together on this and future film shorts.

Help Lois finish this film and shape other stories that you care about, email with:

  • Your name, course and college (if relevant)
  • If you are a UAL student, staff or external