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Labverde - Art Immersion In The Amazon resident announced

Abstract image of black and white lights
Abstract image of black and white lights
Singing of Ascents - Yifeat Ziv
Written by
Abbi Fletcher
Published date
03 April 2019

Yifeat Ziv is currently on the MA Sound Art program, London College of Communication. She has been selected as the AER artist in residence at LABVERDE - Art Immersion Program In The Amazon.

LABVERDE is designed for artists and creators who are eager to reflect on nature and landscape. The programme will promote an intensive experience in the Amazon rainforest aiming to explore the connection between science, art and the natural environment.

In collaboration with The Art for the Environment International Artist Residency Programme, set up by Professor Lucy Orta UAL Chair of Art for the Environment - Centre for Sustainable Fashion in 2015, (AER) provides UAL graduates with the exceptional opportunity to apply for short residencies at one of our internationally renowned host institutions, to explore concerns that define the 21st century – biodiversity, environmental sustainability, social economy, and human rights. Through research, studio practice, critiques and mentoring the AER programme is designed to envision a world of tomorrow; to imagine and create work that challenges how we interact with the environment and each other.


Read Yifeat Ziv's successful residency proposal:

"In late 2018 I moved to London in order to pursue my Master's studies in UAL’s Sound Art program, London College of Communication. Living in this city I started listening to the multi-cultural and multi-lingual soundscape and it tremendously influenced my practice. I became interested in listening to other people speaking languages that I don’t understand, as well as fascinated and also challenged by the complex experience of trying to express myself or understand others without being able to use our own mother tongue language.

Trying to find ways to overcome language and cultural boundaries I started to search for similarities, for tangents. This brought me to think of onomatopeias as a bridge between different languages and different cultures. It exists in all languages because it derives from the essence of the listening experience and out of the humane need for communication and the mimesis.

RishRush, my current project, explores how voice derives from the deep listening experience, and how a change in an environment affect our listening and vocalising practices. I approach this subject in different ways. First, I share and record conversations about onomatopeias with different people who speak different mother-tongue languages. I’m interested in the way people listen to those words and speaks about them and the way the listening experience implied in their language. Based on those recordings, I work with my own voice in an attempt to “reverberate” what I hear and feel from the recordings of those conversations. I also edit and manipulate those recordings, combining different voices and words into a sound collage. Audio samples documenting for some of my first attempts dealing with this subject, as presented recently at the Israeli Centre for Digital Art can be found in my portfolio.

My proposal to the LABVERDE taking my current project into a new level of research, engagement and creative practice. I am basing it on my own experience of the attempt to vocalise what I hear while I listen to soundscapes or to speech. It is also influenced by artists that travel around the world and seeks for a deep and direct encounter with people, communities and nature, such as Steven Feld, Mikhail Karikis and Viv Corringham.

I believe that the isolated and immersive experience of the LABVERDE program is will enable me to try and go back to the primal experience of deep listening to a sound (or a soundscape), searching for the direct vocal expression for what I hear - the same process that created onomatopeias in all languages. I want to explore what does it mean to “vocalise” our current 2019 environment, based on the way environment sounds and the way we listen - to nature, to objects and to each other.

I would like to spend time outside, listen and record what I hear, including my own vocal reactions to what I hear. I will also invite other people to do so and to record themselves, as part of a workshop that I will guide. I would like to continue having conversations with people about the use of onomatopeias in their own mother-tongue languages and hope to be able to do it during the residency with local people and with other artists that I will meet there.

I deeply believe that immersive experiences such as the LABVERDE program is a priceless opportunity of creating a cavity for a deep and direct encounter, the kind of encounter that I strive to be part of in order to extend my creative practice. I believe that I can extremely contribute to this program, based on my past experience in collaborative projects including immersive retreats that I had with ABRA Ensemble, as well as my experience teaching music and directing vocal workshops. I look forward to going through meaningful creation processes with my personal project and initiating enriching collaborations in LABVERDE."

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