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Introducing the UAL Student Support Ambassadors

pink fluffy gloves with gestures
  • Written byPost-Grad Community
  • Published date27 April 2021
pink fluffy gloves with gestures
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Written by Julia Sasaki Hernanz, Recent Alumni from London College of Fashion Costume for Performance.

Simply need a friendly ear to talk to?

The past year has been difficult for all of us, with it changing how we study at UAL, being trapped indoors and feeling isolated, making the changes to our daily lives, or the continuous bad news that has been streaming on the TV at all times of the day!

All of this has affected us in one way or another and as a member of a team of dedicated Student Support Ambassadors, I would like to advise that we are all ears!

Our roles have been created due to the COVID-19 pandemic with an aim to reach out to students and be a friendly face, a kind shoulder to cry on, to listen to all your worries, or just simply to keep you company! The team are all current UAL students and recent graduates too, so we know what you are going through and have been in the same pandemic situation!

I have to say that this role was created to support students during this hard time but in all honesty, the students who have contacted us, have kept us company too and it was lovely to break away from reality and have the opportunity to just talk!

Portrait of Julia Sasaki Hernanz
Portrait of Julia Sasaki Hernanz

Being a Student Support Ambassador, I have had this amazing opportunity to play a role in a support network which I feel is so very valuable and something I would have loved to have access to whilst I was studying at UAL.

Some will feel that they don’t want to ‘burden’ or ‘take up anyone’s time’ but it’s sometimes important and potentially liberating to get thoughts and opinions off your chest and have the chance to talk things through to someone who really does want to listen!

Here is what some of the other Ambassadors have to say about the role:

Especially in these strange times us students just have to stick together and that's what made me want to be a student ambassador.

— Nicole UAL Student Support Ambassador
I was motivated to become a Student Services Support Ambassador as I lived in halls for the entirety of my degree and struggled with mental health issues during this time and I wanted to draw from my own experiences to help others. Living in halls can bring its own challenges, even more so in the current global pandemic, and I feel it is important that students are offered the chance to speak to other students and alumni as often speaking to members of university staff can feel scary or overwhelming. Being an ambassador has given me the chance to help others in a meaningful way and the team has been super supportive!

— Kat UAL Student Support Ambassador

Connect with the Ambassadors

If this sounds like something you would like to connect with or you want to talk to one of our friendly ambassadors, here are their contact details:

The Costume Store & Portland House
Brooke Hall & Garden House
Chapter Lewisham & Glassyard Building
Emily Bowes Court & Sketch House
Furzedown Student Villa & Wigram House

Stay safe!

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