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Introducing the Post-Grad Community Ambassadors 2022-2023

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  • Published date 20 January 2023
Post-Grad Community

UAL is home to more than 7,000 postgraduate students working across the fields of art, design, screen, communication, fashion, media and performance.  Within our six world-renowned colleges and the Creative Computing Institute, we aim to form a creative network of artists, designers and innovators.

Post-Grad Community is an inclusive platform for UAL postgraduate students and alumni to share work, find opportunities and connect with other creatives within the University and beyond.

Ambassadors assist with the platform's social media channels, create innovative and sociable online or face to face extra-curricular events and act a point of contact for the Post-Grad Community across colleges and courses.

This year, as well as Ambassadors based in London, we have recruited an Online Ambassador to help represent and include students on online and low-residency courses at UAL.

But that's enough from us - you want to meet the team!

Meet our new Team of Ambassadors:

Kiara Corso
Kiara Corso, Kiara Corso
| Photograph: Kiara Corso

Kiara Rose Corso

MA Global Collaborative Design Practice, Camberwell College of Arts

Hello, I'm Kiara, I am from Australia and completed my undergraduate there in Science and Arts. I am passionate about combining healthcare and design and hope to encourage inclusiveness and diversity. I absolutely love travelling, cooking and spending time in nature.

I am looking forward to being a Post-Grad Community Ambassador as I want to bridge the gap between education and industry while encouraging collaboration and interdisciplinary skills. I am excited to organise some fun, interactive events, providing space for students to learn where their passions can take them.

Tofunmi Christabel Elulade
Tofunmi Christabel Elulade, Tofunmi Christabel Elulade
| Photograph: Tofunmi Christabel Elulade

Tofunmi Christabel Elulade

MSc Data Science and AI for the Creative Industries, UAL Creative Computing Institute

Hi, I'm Christabel and I am pleased to be one of the Post-Grad Community Ambassadors for this year. My undergraduate studies were focused on Economics and Statistics but I have always had a passion for art and it's been a blast being able to combine that with coding.

I look forward to being able to talk with more of you at events as well as develop various personal skills with this role. Also I am very much an otaku (anime and games are my vibe), so apologies in advance if you catch me blabbering about it.

Sadie Nathan
Sadie Nathan, Sadie Nathan
| Photograph: Sadie Nathan

Sadie Nathan

MSc Data Science and AI for the Creative Industries, UAL Creative Computing Institute

I am a multimedia artist, with a specialism in traditional illustration. My work is interested in folk and myth imagery with a focus on location. Another major part of my practice is recording my daily experience by keeping a sketchbook. I run my own online shop (Etsy) where I sell my prints and since graduating from undergrad, I have pivoted to look towards how analytical methods can inform art and media. I’m looking forward to connecting with people interested in exploring elements of place and location, as well as making others’ experiences as enjoyable as possible.

You can get to all my social media and shop via my Instagram @sadieillustration.

Shana Tufail
Shana Tufail, Shana Tufail
| Photograph: Shana Tufail

Shana Tufail

MBA (Masters of Business Administration), Central Saint Martins

Hi, I’m Shana, a Camden-based neurodivergent climate and social activist. I’m studying on an innovative iteration of the MBA to reimagine leadership and work. My research interests are varied and intertwine around creative enterprise and innovating systems for degrowth, resource efficiency, and regenerative and circular economies. The foundational pieces to my work are accessibility and inclusion, live music and soundscapes and storytelling through the visual arts. I enjoy soaking up the diverse forms of creativity at UAL by my fellow students and researchers to inform and interrogate my learning.

As a Post-Grad Student Ambassador, I look forward to working with my fellow ambassadors to create events and experiences for the postgraduate community over the coming year. There is much value in being part of a community and creating connections across interests and disciplines which support your learning and well-being. Please feel free to reach out anytime, and I look forward to meeting you at a Post-Grad Community event sometime.

Nici Eberl
Nici Eberl, Nici Eberl
| Photograph: Nici Eberl

Nicole Eberl

MA Commercial Photography, London College of Communication

Hello, my name is Nici (pronounced Niki) and I am a MA Commercial Photography student as well as freelance photographer and social media content curator. I am originally from Austria but have been living in London for more than 10 years so guess that makes me a Londoner, right?

I am really excited to be one of LCC's Post-Grad Community Ambassadors as I not only love meeting new people, but I am also passionate about helping others and bringing the different cohorts together through the organisation of different talks and social events. Having already studied at the college for the past 3 years (continued my MA right after my BA) I feel like I will be able to help other postgrad students to make the most of their time at UAL and add some great additions to their courses whilst also getting them to network with fellow creatives in the community and hopefully even build some lasting friendships.

I am really looking forward to meeting you all and let’s be creative together!

Ada Maymó Costa
Ada Maymó Costa, Ada Maymó Costa
| Photograph: Ada Maymó Costa

Ada Maymo Costa

MA Service Design, London College of Communication

Hello! my name is Ada and I come from Barcelona. I am passionate about nature and crafts - I enjoy hiking, I have been part of a community garden for the last year, and I love knitting. Professionally, I have experience working as a strategic designer in the educational field.

I am very happy to be a Post-Grad Student Ambassador for this next year and be able to co-create different kinds of events and fun activities for the student postgraduate community. I would love to see people from different courses engaging with each other in order to make the most out of the experience of being a UAL postgraduate.

Tejaswini Sood
Tejaswini Sood, Tejaswini Sood
| Photograph: Tejaswini Sood

Tejaswini Sood

MA Fashion Futures, London College of Fashion

Hi, I’m Teju. I’m from the vibrant land of multiple cultures - India - and enjoy the multicultural atmosphere across UAL. I am interested in cyanotyping, sensory studies and just new ways of improving our lifestyles to be more in tandem with nature.

During my time serving the student body, I aim to be an active member of the community and co-create as many activities as possible with the aim of inclusivity at the core. Being an introvert myself, I plan on creating events that unknowingly engage all introverts in the room without feeling the pressure to network. I take pride in my ability to empathise and think from multiple perspectives.

I am thrilled to be in this role and to be able to make a difference to the experience of postgraduate students at UAL.

Timna Krenn
Timna Krenn, Timna Krenn
| Photograph: Timna Krenn

Timna Krenn

MA Performance: Theatre Making, Wimbledon College of Arts

I am a performer, actor and linguist of Austrian heritage. My multi-disciplinary work combines acting, dancing and writing, which focuses on everyday life topics such as love, inequalities or grief. As a Post-Grad Community Ambassador, I would like to set up opportunities where postgraduate students from different fields can work together to create multi-disciplinary projects.

Sara Dobson
Sara Dobson, Sara Dobson
| Photograph: Sara Dobson

Sara Dobson - Online Ambassador

MA Fine Art: Digital, Central Saint Martins

A big hello from me! I'm Sara, currently studying MA Fine Art: Digital at Central Saint Martins. I'm a multi-disciplinary artist, with a big passion for tech; from film and drone photography, to NFTs and using electrical paint on canvas.

Being on a low-residency course, I'm looking forward to pushing the boundaries of online teaching and learning, as well as extending opportunities to postgraduates beyond the campus. It's most certainly an exciting time to explore the potential for the postgraduate community globally, as an online ambassador.

Getting in touch

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