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From MAPJD to Post-Grad Community Liaison

Photo of Ana Blumenkron holding Flowers
  • Written byPost-Grad Community
  • Published date25 March 2021
Photo of Ana Blumenkron holding Flowers
Ana Blumenkron

By Ana Blumenkron, interim Post-Grad Community Liaison Coordinator and recent graduate of the MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at London College of Communication.

Hello readers, my name is Ana Blumenkron and I am the new interim Post-Grad Community Liaison Coordinator.

I am a Mexican visual artist and photographer who just graduated from the MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at London College of Communication. Like many others, I have fallen in love with the city of London and have decided to stay to pursue my career. Not an easy task, but finally, I can call myself a Londoner. I’m very interested in feminism, media studies and decolonization, actively exploring it’s presence online, with a passion for stories and imagery.

My work

Through the Art Temps website, I successfully applied for the Liaison Coordinator part-time role, and as of March 2021, working with the Post-Grad Community team, highlighting and promoting the largest postgraduate art and design community in Europe!  Whether you are thinking of studying at our University, you are currently part of the 2,400 postgraduate students here, or our alumni already working in the creative industries. My role will work to bring your stories to life, promote new exciting opportunities and highlight the amazing postgraduate talent at UAL!

More specifically, I will be assisting with the Post-Grad Community online events programme, running the social media channels and actively looking for opportunities and stories to add to our famous weekly newsletter.  All while seeking to enrich the student experience with skill shares, networking and collaborations.

I am very excited to be the liaison of your stories and successes, before, during and after graduation.  The Post-Grad Community platform has a lifetime membership and I am proud to be part of a platform that is so dedicated to its community.  I am a firm believer that having strong relationships before/after graduation can lead to a more united industry and better networking opportunities.

roses growing outside of a london bay window
Nunhead by Ana Blumenkron, MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography LCC

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