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Cordwainers Dato' Jimmy Choo BA Awards

A financial prize will be given to 2 students at LCF, in either their penultimate or final year. 1 award of £750 will be given to a student from BA Cordwainers Footwear and 1 award of £750 will be given to a student from BA Cordwainers Accessories degree courses.


We cannot accept applications for this award, students will be nominated by their tutors.

  • The awards will help fund the students' main project, for which they will pitch to a panel of judges, one of whom will be a member of the Cordwainers' Company.
  • The scholarship is available to UK, European and International students.

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In common with other Livery Companies, the Cordwainers Company was, in the early and middle ages, responsible for the governance and quality control of its trade in the City of London and the education and training of craftsmen through the system of apprenticeships. This early involvement in education and training has continued to the present day.

The Cordwainers Hardship fund is intended to help students who have genuine and unavoidable financial difficulties and are struggling with their living costs despite having received all financial support available to them.  The Fund acts as a safety net for students in financial difficulty rather than their main source of income.

The Fund is open only to home students (overseas and EU students are not eligible to apply) to help them remain in higher education, particularly those students who need financial help to meet costs that cannot be met from any other sources of funding.

These bursaries are presented strictly on the basis of financial need and eligible students must satisfy the University’s hardship fund criteria.


If you need help, please contact or call 020 7514 8080