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Health and Wellbeing Risk Assessment Procedure

The University is committed to providing a supportive, safe and inclusive learning environment, in which the diversity and individuality of students is respected.

We place the health and wellbeing of students at the centre of our work. UAL offers a range of specialist services to help students manage difficulties that may be affecting their daily lives, including their health or their ability to achieve their personal, academic or creative potential. Information about the range of support available to students can be found on the Student Services webpage.

The Health and Wellbeing Risk Assessment procedure sets out how the University may respond to instances where there is serious cause for concern about a student’s health or wellbeing or where a student's health, wellbeing and/or behaviour are having a detrimental impact on their ability to progress academically and function effectively at the University.

Health and Wellbeing Risk Assessment Procedure (PDF 102KB)


Mark Crawley, Dean of Students