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UAL launches Security Incident Reporting form

A photograph of a person leaning over a computer
  • Written byInternal Communications
  • Published date 18 May 2022
A photograph of a person leaning over a computer
Student using Computer, London College of Communication, UAL | Photograph: Ana Blumenkron Zertuche

UAL has launched a ‘Security Incident Reporting’ form which you should use to report any incidents taking place on University premises to the Security Operations Manager.

What should I report?

  • Damage
  • Trespass
  • Actual or attempted crime.

In the case of an emergency, you need to dial 999.

Please be aware that the person reporting may be contacted for more details.

Who can use the form?

The Security Incident Reporting form is in place for both staff and students at UAL to use.

Where can I access the form?

You may wish to bookmark this link for easy access. We would also recommend making sure that your colleagues are aware of this new form so that all staff know the correct way to report a security incident.