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Tips and advice for saving money

students sitting outside TATE Britain
students sitting outside TATE Britain

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Internal Communications
Published date
06 November 2020


  • image of a pink card

    TOTUM card  

    A TOTUM card will save you money at over 200 stores, including fashion, electronics and food retailers, as well as entertainment and travel.

  • Pastel coloured image of a student art pass

    Student Art Pass  

    Get your Student Art Pass for just £5 and enjoy discounted entry to museums and exhibitions across the UK.

  • Students sat chatting on astroturf
    'Hard Times: Shell Down De Street' - Levi Naidu-Mitchell and Adam Patterson,
    Council discount schemes  

    As a student, you may be entitled to discounts depending on the area you live. Search your council’s website to see what discounts they offer to residents.

  • photograph of a woman working at a computer in an office

    IT discounts

    You’re entitled to money off IT software and electronics through a variety of schemes.

Food and drink

  • groceries on a table

    Plan your food shop  

    Try making a weekly meal plan and creating a shopping list around it to save money. Shops like Aldi, Lidl, Iceland and Poundland offer great deals.

  • Birdseye photograph of a bowl of pasta and sauce

    Limit the takeaways  

    You will be surprised how much money you can save by limiting your takeaways. Try cooking one of our student friendly recipes instead!

  • a table of drinks

    Beware of alcohol prices  

    Look for student deals and ‘happy hour’ offers, or stick to soft drinks to save your money.

  • takeaway coffee cup

    The Demotivator  

    Worried you’re wasting money on non-essentials? You can calculate just how much you could save using The Demotivator tool.


  • Photograph of a stack of coins with a miniature graduation cap on top

    Create a budget  

    As soon as your loan or paycheck reaches your bank account, pay off your rent, bills, insurance, subscriptions and any other regular costs. You can then budget for food, travel and leisure with what remains.

  • Exterior shot of Brooke Hall
    Alys Tomlinson,
    Council tax exemption  

    Households where everyone is a full-time student do not have to pay Council Tax.

  • Photograph of a london underground train at the platform, taken from a view down the platform

    Student oyster card  

    If you're 18 or over, a student and living in a London borough, you can get discounted travel with an Oyster photocard

  • Mental Health Advice
    Mental Health Advice
    Utility bills  

    Some simple changes can help you to save money on your utility bills like gas, electricity and water.