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Take part in the Language-Art Project

Written by Sebastian May
Published date 07 October 2019

Calling all students to take part in the Language-Art Project

Would you like to:

  • Meet students from other courses and other nationalities?
  • Take part in a cross-cultural artistic collaboration?
  • Contribute to an exhibition in December?

Then we invite you to take part in the Language-Art Project!

What is the Language-Art Project?

The Language-Art Project brings together a diverse group of students from across UAL, to create a variety of collaborative artworks. The works you create will be exhibited as part of the 'Who do we think we are?' Academic Support event, which will run from 6 - 12 December 2019.

Who can join?

This project welcomes students from all years and all subject disciplines (not only studio/ practice-based ones). All UAL students (Undergraduate/ Postgraduate/ Home/ EU/ International) can join. You don’t need any specific knowledge or experience – just curiosity and enthusiasm.

What is the brief?

This year's theme is "language" and you can interpret this brief in any way you wish. Artworks can be in any medium, including posters, 3D objects, photography, visual poetry … and so on. They can be large or small, elaborate or minimalist.

How do you take part?

Our preparation/ creation stage runs through October and November. Contact us at or email Karen Harris, Intercultural Communications Trainer/ Language Development Tutor, at (from your UAL email account) to find out more. You can also read more about the project on our Workflow page.