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Grayson's Robes is back!

  • Written byInternal Communications
  • Published date 10 January 2022
Grayson's Robes competition 2022

Following on from the major success over the past few years, we’re pleased to announce the relaunch of our Grayson’s Robes competition. This exciting opportunity gives UAL students a chance to design the robes for Turner Prize-winning artist and UAL Chancellor Grayson Perry to wear at our July 2022 graduation ceremonies.

This time round Grayson is seeking an unconventional alternative to the formal black robes traditionally worn at graduation ceremonies, with a focus around the theme of sustainability.

Students from all year levels and disciplines across UAL are welcome to enter, with shortlisted students personally meeting with Grayson to pitch their ideas in detail. You can even enter as a team (maximum of 4) as long as at least one of the students in your chosen team has the ability to construct the design.


I’m looking for: Design drawings that can be easily interpreted into a finished garment by me and a skilled seamstress. Show how the garment can be constructed and what fabrics, materials and techniques would best achieve the result –swatches and samples are a must.

The robe needs to: Retain some of the formal elements of traditional chancellor robes – but also take into account my personal style. I take centre stage so go for an eye-catching design. Strong colours and reflective surfaces are encouraged. I’d also love a glamorous crown or headpiece.

Comfort is key: The graduation ceremonies always happen at the HOTTEST TIME of the year and involve a lot of clapping, standing up and sitting down, so LIGHTER FABRICS are encouraged.

Incorporate the theme: This year I’d also like you to include sustainability in your design.

I am a man yet I like to look like a female: So attention should be given to playing down the male bits (shoulders, long tubular body!) and playing up my assets (good legs!).


  1. Register your interest NOW: Let us know that you’re interested in entering the competition by completing our online form so that we can keep you updated with all the details.
  2. Submit your entry: Provide a front and back design sketch for the robes and crown [no bigger than A3] along with some material swatches on Friday 11 February


Please submit your entry at any of the College collection points below on Friday 11 February.

Camberwell College of Arts
Reception desk at Peckham Road, 10am-2pm

Chelsea College of Arts
Canteen, 10am-1pm

Central Saint Martins
King’s Cross canteen, 10am-12pm

London College of Communication
Canteen foyer area (outside the library and arts shop), 10am-12.30pm

London College of Fashion

Curtain Road canteen ground floor, 2pm-5.30pm
John Princes Street canteen first floor, 9am-12.30pm
Lime Grove main reception ground floor, 9.30am-5pm

Wimbledon College of Arts
Reception (next to the student contact desk in the gallery space), 10am-2pm

If entering as a team (maximum of 4), please have the full names and UAL email addresses of all members of your team ready to include in your submission form on the day. Please note that only 1 member of your team needs to submit your entry in person.

To get your creative juices flowing take a look at the past winners below for some inspiration:

Now's the time to show us what you've got. We cant wait to see what you come up with.