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Face mask sewing challenge

Peoples Masks Sewing Challenge
Peoples Masks Sewing Challenge
Peoples Masks Sewing Challenge
Written by
Internal Communications
Published date
01 April 2020

CSM colleagues Laura Baker, Technical Coordinator Print, Margot Bannerman, Fine Art Tutor, and Anna Hart from AIR @AIR_ing_  have setup the Instagram account @peoples_masks to rally the public to collectively make thousands of washable fabric face masks. These can be worn for essential trips out, to protect ourselves and the workers who are protecting us.

These homemade masks are not medical grade, but can help in limiting the spread of Coronavirus if worn while maintaining hand-washing and physical distancing measures. To take part, you will need a sewing machine, clean cotton fabric and elastic (if possible). Watch the video tutorial and start sewing!

Please do not take part if anyone in your household has symptoms of Coronavirus. After completing your masks, wash them in very hot, soapy water and dry them completely before packing them in a clean envelope or sealed bag, with the number of masks written on the outside. Please distribute your masks safely with physical distancing to people locally who need them. You can also find a growing list of suggested drop-off points and postal delivery addresses online.

Don't forget to share photographs of your finished masks on Instagram, tagging @peoples_masks!

Be sure to wash your hands before and after removing a mask, and wash your fabric mask in hot soapy water each time after you wear it.