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New resource: Artifex Press digital catalogues raisonnés

Written by Gustavo Grandal Montero
Published date 06 April 2018

Artifex Press is a publisher of online catalogues raisonnés. A standard art reference publication, the catalogue raisonné is an essential scholarly tool for academic researchers and curators, as well as dealers and collectors. It provides a systematic list of the totality of an artist’s work, or that in a given medium or period, with an apparatus that includes titles, technical details (medium, size, etc.), dates, history (including provenance and current ownership information), exhibition details, bibliography and images. Online catalogues raisonnés are a fast growing publishing model, with many projects currently completed or in progress, and likely to overtake print ones in the near future.

Artifex Press catalogues raisonnés are now available to UAL staff and students as part of the online resources offered by Library Services.

There are currently six catalogues raisonnés available:

-Chuck Close: Paintings, 1967-present
-Jim Dine: Sculpture, 1983-present
-Tim Hawkinson
-Agnes Martin: Paintings
-Lucas Samaras: Boxes
-James Siena

Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings is expected to be published soon, and another 12 catalogues raisonnés covering a range of contemporary artists, from Yves Tanguy to Carl Andre and Lee Ufan, are in preparation. These are key resources for those researching the work of the artists, and a source of high quality, authoritative information, scholarship and images.