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Zinesters in LCF Special Collections #7

Written by Justyna Burzynska
Published date 01 May 2017

We talk to Reflekt Magazine for our 7th installment of Zinesters in LCF Special Collections. We’re proud to have 13 editions of Reflekt in our Special Collections.

Name and location..
We are Reflekt Magazine and located in sunny Los Angeles, California.

How long have you been making zines for?
We’ve been doing this for 5 awesome years!

What do you like to create zines about?
It’s funny, Reflekt is in-between a zine and a magazine. Some people refer to us as zines because we’re too glossy and some refer to us as magazines because we’re not glossy enough! That’s one of the reasons that we like making Reflekt. We’re in-betweeners. We’re in-between the fashion communities and the DIY/underground communities so we’re able to interact with so many different people in so many different fields and style tribes.

What is your favourite zine/comic/book?
Favourite zine: Lead the American Style Parade by Maria Forde
Favourite comic: You’re Beautiful! by Lawrence Lindell
Favourite book: Streetstyle by Ted Polhemus

Tell us a bit more about your creative process..
I think of one word as theme then our team brainstorm what that words means to us in terms of fashion, identity, or editorial ideas. Then we think of 3 interesting people to select as our Muses for that particular issue. After our brainstorm we all start writing, shooting, and illustrating the next issue! We also welcome submissions from contributors. All are welcome!

What does it feel like to have your zine/s in the London College of Fashion Library’s Special Collections?
We are beyond honored and so excited! The idea that we may be inspiring the LCF students to explore the world around them through style and people’s stories makes it all worth it.

What influenced Reflekt Magazine?
The Japanese street fashion magazine FRUITS, Sassy magazine, and punk DIY philosophy.

What one piece of advice would you give UAL students about zine making?
Do what feels right! There is no one right way to do it. Plus experimenting makes it all the more fun and improves your skills in unexpected ways.