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UAL Institutional Archive Update #5

Published date
06 Sep 2018

Over the summer we worked with volunteer Margarita Novikova, student on the MA Sound Arts course at LCC, to produce a short film showcasing the collection of oral history recordings we hold as part of the UAL Institutional Archive.

The oral history interviews are held with key decision-makers as well as staff/former staff and alumnus from all six UAL colleges, representing a range of roles within the university. They were recorded by a professional oral historian, and accessioned into the archive as part of UAL’s official institutional memory.

Interviewees discuss, amongst other things; their role within the university, changes at UAL over the years, and their memories of people and places. The collection currently extends to 38 recordings, the majority of which are available to view by appointment in the ASCC reading room (open Monday-Friday from 1pm-5pm).

Margarita was with us in the ASCC office for a total of six days, working to choose a range of interviewees, selecting choice quotes and editing the video together. The outcome is fantastic, and provides a great platform to highlight the collection.

This short film is available to view on the UAL YouTube channel, providing a glimpse into the collection and illustrating the stories and memories that it preserves.

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