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Cataloguing Roundup

Published date
11 Jul 2018

Some of the new additions to the ASCC archive catalogue.


A number of volunteers are currently working on various cataloguing projects at the Archives and Special Collections Centre. They will soon be submitting blog posts that talk about their individual projects in more detail, but in the meantime here is a summary of what they have been working on:

The Les Coleman Archive

Until recently much of the Les Coleman collection was listed only to series level, meaning researchers would find it difficult to quickly locate the exact material they wanted to view. Thanks to our volunteer Clara, the series of “mini-comics” in LCO/1/8 have been catalogued to item level, with LCO/1/6 “Comic Book Anthologies” and LCO/1/5 “Single-issues” following shortly. There are a number of projects commencing that will make extensive use of these comic collections, and this cataloguing will greatly aid their progress.

The Comic Book Collection

Clara has also worked on cataloguing our mainstream comics. These had previously only been available to browse via a rather unwieldy Excel spreadsheet. While still a work in progress, there are now almost 160 titles available to browse on the catalogue in the series CB/2.

The Clive Exton Archive

Clive Exton was a British film and TV screenwriter who worked on many notable series including ITV’s adaptations of Poirot (CE/5/1) and Jeeves & Wooster (CE/5/3). The scripts for both of these shows have now been catalogued by our volunteers Jess and Vanessa to item level.

The UAL Institutional Archive

A few months ago we received around 20 bankers’ boxers of material relating to the university’s historical estate holdings. Jess has catalogued these to file level in the series UAL/4, and hopefully these will prove incredibly useful for researchers interested in the history of the Colleges’ property holdings.

There are a number of other listing and cataloguing projects under way, and we will aim to regularly report back on their progress and showcase the material that has come to light as a result.