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WiFi and Eduroam

Student on laptop

How to connect to UAL WiFi, eduroam and other services.


Select 'UAL WiFi' from your network preferences and enter your UAL username and password.

If you've recently changed your UAL password you will need to re-connect with your new one.

Android phones

Android users may need to connect using the following steps:

  • Settings
  • Wi-Fi > UAL Wi-Fi
  • Scroll to EAP Method, select PEAP Phase 2
  • Authentication is: MSCHAPV2
  • Scroll to Identity and enter your UAL username and password
  • Click Connect


  • Temporary passwords are not accepted - please change to a permanent one before attempting
  • You may need to forget the UAL network if you connected with previous credentials
  • If using Android 7, you may need to complete additional information:
    • CA Certificate: set this to Use system certificates.
    • Domain: enter
    • Some devices have an Anonymous identity field: you can leave this blank.

UAL Internet of Things

If your smart device is unable to connect to UAL WiFi, you can request access to UAL Internet of Things (IoT).

If your device meets the criteria detailed in the UAL-IoT Disclaimer (PDF 130KB), you can log an access request via MySupport.


Visiting UAL from another institution?

You can connect to eduroam WiFi using your home institution credentials.

Please contact your home institution with any technical queries.

Going to another institution?

UAL students and staff can use eduroam WiFi when visiting other institutions.

Check which institutions have eduroam

Connect to eduroam guide (PDF 106KB)

Find out more

JANET is the UK provider of eduroam. All users must adhere to the JANET Acceptable Use Policy and the IT Network and Acceptable Use for Students (PDF 190KB).

Further information

The Cloud

Short course students and visitors can connect via The Cloud by searching for “_The Cloud” in your device's WiFi settings.

If you don’t already have a Cloud account, open a browser on your device and complete the form

Need IT support?

Contact the UAL IT Service Desk