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Dr Victoria Odeniyi

Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Reimagining Conversations w/ Multilingual students
University of the Arts London
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Victoria  Odeniyi


Victoria Odeniyi leads the institutional research and development project Reimagining Conversations with Multilingual Students supported by the Academic Development Fund. She is affiliated to the Decolonising Arts Institute and UAL Language Centre. Previous research includes the Developing Educators project at Queen Mary University of London and the Reading Peer Review project, Birkbeck, University of London. Before joining UAL, Victoria taught a Language, Culture and Communication course at Birkbeck College, University of London, and currently teaches English in a Multilingual World courses at Goldsmiths for the University of London. Her professional interests are particularly focused on the intersection between language, identity and academic practices, as well as critical approaches to intercultural communication.

The Reimagining Conversations project is an opportunity to raise awareness of the educational potential of language use at UAL. In line with current moves to decolonise the university curricula and creative agenda, the project examines interaction with international students in different teaching and learning environments through a decentring and decolonised lens. From this perspective, English language use around the world does not exist independently from its communicative context or colonial past. Additionally, the focus on language provides an opportunity to increase the visibility of linguistic diversity at UAL originating from its London context and position as a global higher education institution. The project’s starting point is that conversations with students are influenced by the different contexts of learning and teaching as well as by the multilingual background of students and staff in the UAL community.

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