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Tony Credland

Lead Tutor MA Graphic Media Design
London College of Communication
Researcher Research
Tony  Credland


Tony Credland works in London, as a Lead Tutor on the MA Graphic Design programme at London College of Communication and as a print-based graphic designer.

He was co-organiser of the 'Cactus Network' which manifested itself as a mail-art magazine, and later the poster magazine 'Feeding Squirrels to the Nuts'. He graduated from Portsmouth University, Chelsea School of Art, Central Saint Martins, London and later studied at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. He is active in grassroots politics in London, working collectively with the local Indymedia network in the UK, and recently co-edited a book We are everywhere; the irresistible rise of global anticapitalism.

Research Outputs



Current research students

  • Rebecca Binns, Political Autonomy, Humour and Satire in Vaucher’s Artwork for Crass, International Anthem and Mainstream Publications. (Lead supervisor)
  • Rebecca Rallis, Graphic Design for Dissent: The graphic languages utilized by the anti-austerity movements that emerged as a response to the global financial crisis during the early 21st century. (Lead supervisor)