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Peter Bond

Senior Lecturer
Central Saint Martins
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Peter  Bond


Multidisciplinary approach, including; painting, performance, photography, poetry and cultural critique. Locating performance, performance related text, the performance paradigm.

My creative output is characterised by a multidisciplinary approach that includes painting, performance, photography, poetry, and cultural critique. My most recent work is a publication called Locating Performance, Performance Related Text, and deals with the problematic of the performance paradigm. It aims to stress the importance of economy as a distinctly overriding quality inherent in all types of performance. This led to a further, DVD production based on site specific performance for the camera that attempts to find a measure of understanding of performance via three perspectives: people in the streets of The City of London, The West End of London and the people who clean and maintain the streets of London.

My most recent exhibition, The Intimacy of Fortification, consisted of artworks and an extended essay.

Research Outputs