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Dr Mo Throp

Senior Lecturer
University of the Arts London
Researcher Research
Maureen  Throp


Dr Mo Throp is a practising artist, curator, writer and researcher in the CCW Graduate School where she supervises a number of PhD students. She was BA Fine Art Course Director at Chelsea College of Arts until 2011 and was previously critical theory tutor on the MA Fine Art at Goldsmiths. Mo studied sculpture at St Martin’s College of Art followed by an MA and PhD at Chelsea. With Dr Maria Walsh, Mo is co-convenor of the Subjectivity & Feminisms Research group at Chelsea. Mo is an AHRC Peer Review College panel member.

I have most recently been working with video installations which seek to collapse gendered positions, where the viewing subject might experience another possible relation to the self as a making and re-making of each other through a sense of self as interactive in the process of viewing. My work seeks to question how a re-thinking of desire might elaborate alternative definitions of female sexuality, not in a relation to lack (the psychoanalytic model) - but rather as an active force. This is informed by more recent theorising by Gilles Deleuze and the writings of Luce Irigaray who proposes a new relation to gender as on-going and non-oppositional with a fluid relation to difference.

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Current research students

  • Wanja Kimani, Situating the black, queer, womxn’s body within public space through performance art. (Lead supervisor)
  • Nell Wendy Kathleen Lyhne, Can the image The Agnes Dei, be undone / and if so can it be remade? (Lead supervisor)
  • Catherine Maffioletti, Can the object ever truly reflect the body without merely being a representation, or producing a lack of body/self? Does the object only exist in the absence of the body/self? Or, can it speak the body/self via a different mirror? (Lead supervisor)
  • Meredith Amanda Millis, "Narratives of Trans-Subjectivity: Community Collaboration, Experimental Stop Motion, Feminist Psychoanalysis" (Joint supervisor)
  • Karen Piddington, How do contemporary artists engage with animality and the notion of becoming animal, and to what extent do they experience the animal beyond their human identity? (Lead supervisor)
  • Maria Smith, 'Scheherazade Emerging (2000-2012); Reconstructing the Oriental Female Other in Contemporary Western Visual Culture.' (Lead supervisor)

Past research students

  • Denise Ackerl, Strategies of resistance in female performance practice and activism in the context of cognitive capitalism and new social media. (Lead supervisor)
  • Deniz Akcha, Mapping Istanbul’s Istiklal Avenue: Uncovering the traces of female ethnicity in Turkish film, architecture and sound through fine art practice. (Lead supervisor)
  • Jessica Carden, Contemporary Visual Representations of the Non-White Body in Arctic Space: British Colonial Constructions of the 'Heart of Whiteness' and the Black-White Binary as Fetish. (Lead supervisor)
  • Kristiina Koskentola, "Interconnected In-Between: On the Dynamics of Abjections, Animism, Temporality and Location in Art Practice." (Lead supervisor)
  • Stephanie Spindler, A Phenomenological Identity: the State of Being a Woman. (Lead supervisor)