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Mark Wright

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Listening Across Disciplines
University of the Arts London
Researcher Research
Mark  Wright


My research is enmeshed within aural-visual cultures, critical theory and contemporary art practice. I am interested in developing modalities of listening across academic writing, performance and mixed media installation. Within an age of finitude and increasingly obfuscated digital materialisms, how as Isabelle Stengers asks, do we ‘listen to that which insists, obscurely?'

I take a politico-imaginary approach to contemporary ecological debate. This has led to experimental projects covering a range of issues including cryptozoology, digital trash and postproduction nature sound. I am committed to amplifying forms of power within the creative and critical use of documentary media and site-based performance practices. My research constantly navigates the mediated rituals and constructs bound into any process of capture and framing. What or who is being excluded within such processes is a central question, as is a consideration for more-than-human witnessing and rights. Questions that continually return include how does sound convey complex geopolitical meaning and in what ways can listening go beyond the human?

Research Outputs

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