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Jordan Mckenzie

International Academic Co-ordinator
University of the Arts London
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Jordan  Mckenzie


Jordan has presented performances, films, drawings and installations both nationally and internationally exhibiting in many major art spaces and galleries. In the 1990’s his works examined queer politics and body based practices. Many of his works question notions of authorship and originality such as a series of works entitled Minimal Interventions, where he temporarily highjacks another practitioners work and colonise it for his own ends.

I have been a recipient of major research grants including Artsadmin and the Live Art Development Agency. New works examine cultural identity and its relationship to ideas of the local, specifically in regard to class and Britishness.

Adopting a series of alter-ego’s, and conflating the notion of the country estate with that of the council estate, I examine how satire may be employed as an active political critique of cultural spaces. I am especially interested in socially engaged practice and public artworks, examining the assumptions and ideologies behind fine art practices that attempt to engage with ‘non-art’ audiences.

As well as producing my own films, performances, installations and drawings, I co-curate LUPA (Lock UP Performance Art) a once monthly performance event run from a lock up garage on the housing estate in East London where I live.