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Francesca Bonetti

Lecturer: Fashion Marketing
London College of Fashion
Researcher Research
Francesca  Bonetti


Francesca is a Lecturer in Fashion Marketing at undergraduate and postgraduate level at London College of Fashion, and a PhD researcher in marketing, consumer-facing technology and retailing with a focus on the fashion industry at The University of Manchester, Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences, School of Materials. She has teaching and research expertise in strategic fashion marketing, fashion marketing communications, digital fashion marketing, tech innovations and international marketing. Francesca has international industry experience in marketing communications and business development in the fashion and apparel sector, through which she developed an extensive knowledge of the international media landscape and internationalisation strategies. Currently consulting for fashion brands and retailers on retailing and wholesaling, communications strategies and the use of consumer-facing technology across retail channels. She was awarded her Master’s Degree in Marketing with Distinction from the University of St Andrews in 2012.

My current research focuses on the adoption of innovative consumer-facing technologies in retailing, across various formats online and offline. I am exploring this phenomenon from both a company and a consumer perspective, and across contrasting cases to shed light on this very innovative and current trend in retailing. My academic research also focuses on distribution strategies within the Chinese market and the consumption of fashion goods by Asian consumers. I am invited as guest speaker and visiting lecturer on my areas of research at international universities. I am actively engaged in attending and delivering at international keynotes and conferences, and my work is published in academic journals and books.


Current research students

  • Giovanni Bordone, The shifted concept of fashion, from mass production to mass personalisation. How can fashion brands (Lead supervisor)
  • Lily James, The Paradox of CSR Compliance and Market Demands in the Fast Fashion Industry (Lead supervisor)