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Published date
18 Mar 2019
FashionSEEDS image with 3 cards in hand saying 'design'
Design Cards by Design School Kolding. (Credit: Valentin Russo)


Whilst fashion is a global industry offering livelihoods to 50+ million people, generating over EUR2.4 trillion, its practices are built on systems that cause severe environmental and social damage. The societal impact of the industry in contentious due to working practices and the wider impact of fashion production and consumption. The industry is oft-cited as being the second most environmentally polluting industry in the world.

Fashion SEEDS strategic partnership share an imperative commitment to prove design-led fashion sustainability education leveraging on their world leadership in fashion education. The project aims to develop a holistic framework for a design-led approach for fashion sustainability education, and a construct of related graduate skills & capabilities. A learning resource repository and sustainability teaching materials will enable educators to adapt and apply the framework to a range of Higher Education Institutions (HEI).

Predicted research outputs

  • A Research Benchmarking Report: consortium HEIs integrate innovative best practices to design-led sustainability education
  • The Framework Document: increased quality of fashion BA/MA programmes at partner HEIs, better aligned with the sector skills needs and the employment prospects of the global fashion industry
  • A Learning Resource Repository: new open educational resources and learning materials for fashion-sustainability education
  • Sustainability Teaching Materials: more student-centred, participatory and hands-on training approaches and pedagogies to better support the development of fashion-led sustainability education to empower teachers with the confidence to teach fashion sustainability
  • Promoting internationalisation, recognition and mobility in line with Bologna principles
  • Provide professional development opportunities and tools for increased capacity and professionalism of academics, trainers, tutors and mentors relating to fashion sustainability

Key UAL staff

Principal Investigator: Professor Dilys Williams

Nina Stevenson

Julia Crew

Natasha Bonnelame

Egle Juospaityte

External Links

Read more about FashionSEEDS on the Sustainable Fashion website.

Instagram: @fashionseeds

Twitter: @SEEDS_Fashion

EU funded Erasmus + Strategic Partnership

Funding Period: 1 September 2018 - 31 August 2021

Coordinated by UAL Centre for Sustainable Fashion

Partners: Politecnico di Milano (IT), Design School Kolding (DK), Estonian School of Art (EE)