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Rhianna Pratchett

Honorary Fellow
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Rhianna  Pratchett


Honorary fellow

One of the globe’s most respected video game writers and narrative designers, Rhianna Pratchett has shaped many of the medium's best-known worlds, from Tomb Raider to Mirror's Edge.

A self-confessed devotee to the video game form, Pratchett studied journalism at UAL's London College of Communication. She soon forged a reputation as a successful games journalist, contributing to The Guardian, PC Zone and numerous others.

Pratchett strived for something more, however, and shortly after the turn of the millennium, seized the opportunity to serve as story editor on the role-playing game Beyond Divinity, affording her a first taste of professional games writing.

Building on that break, Pratchett quickly found narrative work on several popular video game properties, securing herself a BAFTA nomination for her creative contribution to lauded adventure game Heavenly Sword in 2007, before claiming a Writers' Guild of Great Britain Best Videogame Script award the following year for her involvement with the spirited action-RPG Overlord.

Pratchett today stands as a champion for developing the craft of games writing, having authored several books on mastering the skill. Working across film, TV and comics, she wrote for the Tomb Raider series with Dark Horse and created the 6-part Mirror’s Edge mini-series with DC, as well as her own short stories. She's also currently penning projects with Film4, 03 Productions and the Jim Henson Company.

In 2016 she took home an award that put games writing up with the great forms of literature. Her work as Rise of the Tomb Raider's Lead Writer secured her the Writers Guild of America's Outstanding Achievement in Video Game Writing. She remains one of the global games industry’s most popular figures.