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New qualification – Level 3 Applied General Diploma and Extended Diploma in Art & Design

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Published date 08 June 2017

From September 2017, UAL Awarding Body will be running for the first time, the following qualifications:

  • UAL Level 3 Applied General Diploma in Art & Design (603/1457/6)
  • UAL Level 3 Applied General Extended Diploma in Art & Design (603/1459/X)

These are designed to be ‘Applied General’ qualifications that provide post-16 students with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to progress into further education, higher education and training or employment.

Both qualifications include external assessment and have been designed to meet the criteria for inclusion in 2019’s 16–19 performance tables.

You can find out more about the qualifications on the UAL Awarding Body website.

Are these qualifications replacements for the existing Level 3 Art & Design qualifications?

No, there are currently no plans to remove the existing Level 3 qualification and centres will be able to choose which qualification they would like to run.

Centres are still able to deliver the existing qualifications:

  • UAL Level 3 Diploma in Art & Design (600/2827/0)
  • UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art & Design (600/2826/9)

UAL Awarding Body will notify centres when they can transition over to the new qualifications.

When will we know if the new qualifications are approved on performance tables?
UAL Awarding Body will be informed by the DfE of whether the qualifications have been included in performance tables by the end of August. We will notify centres of the outcome via our September newsletter.

Who will be delivering the new qualifications?
A small number of centres have been selected to pilot the qualification in September 2017.

What if I want to deliver the qualification?
These qualifications will only be available at selected centres during the pilot year. If you are interested in delivering one of these qualifications in the future, please register your interest with Ioanna Saltaferidi at