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Applying to UAL

The application process varies depending on your course and level of study, but there’s a lot of support you can access in India.

Our representatives can help with every stage of the application process at all levels of study.

Once you have chosen a course, you can start preparing an application. You can find detailed information about how to apply for each level of study on the pages listed below:

Portfolio preparation

When you apply to a course in a subject like fine art, graphic design, fashion design, or another hands-on discipline at UAL, a portfolio is a very important part of your application.

In this short film you can hear from one of our International Academic Coordinators, Cath Johnson, about how to prepare a portfolio, as well as the support she provides for Indian students applying to UAL. Cath visits India regularly to give presentations and creative workshops, advise students on preparing a portfolio, and interview students for courses at UAL.

For information on preparing a portfolio, take a look at our Portfolio Preparation page.